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This community is all about John Denver, his songs, life, death and more. This is a great place for fans to celebrate his memory and also to find all kinds of great stuff on John Denver.
John Denver's songs were filled with a deep and abiding kinship with the natural world. Songs such as Take Me Home, Country Roads, Leaving on a Jet Plane, Annie’s Song and Rocky Mountain High are popular all over the world and can be found here on John Denver’s CD’s and DVD’s for sale. Learn all about this wonderful singer, songwriter and actor who left us way too soon.

John Denver's Life and Legacy
All about John Denver, his songs, life, death and more. John Denver's songs were filled with a deep and abiding kinship with the natural world. Songs such as Take Me Home, Country Roads, Leaving on a Jet ...

John Denver: Somewhere on A Rocky Mountain High
We know that John Denver was the blonde folk and country singer that sang Rocky Mountain High and died in a plane crash, but what else do you know? His understated look and his small town ways really played down what a true superstar he actually was and even though his music and style wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, there are few people in the world who haven’t heard of him.

John Denver was a singer, song writer and also a very talented musician who was especially popular artist in terms of record sales in 70’s and 80’s. During his career he released 300 songs, over half of which were composed by him. What people do not know about John Denver is his history, the struggle he had to get into music and the torment he endured because of his style and image.

John Denver was born in Mexico on December 31, 1943. His father was in the military which made the family move around a lot during John’s childhood. Because of this he found it hard to make friends but it was during his short stay in Montgomery when he first realized that he could make friends through music. At the age of twelve his Grandmother bought him his first guitar for his birthday which he learned to play with unusual ease and began his early career playing in local clubs. In 1965 he joined a local band who played the clubs in Los Angeles. He later left the band to start his career as a solo artist and in 1969 he released his first album; Rhymes and Record for RCA Records. Although the album did not become an instant hit one of the tracks did become famous and is still really well known today thanks to remakes of the song by other artists over the years; Leaving on a Jet Plane. Don’t know it? Sure you do- if not by John Denver then maybe by Chantal Kreviazuk whose version of the song was in the movie Armageddon.

Although RCA records did not promote a tour for him, John Denver took it into his own hands and began travelling all over the country. No matter where he went John Denver offered to play his song for free. He played in concerts and for radio stations which got him interviews and this low key but successful tour actually ended up gaining him an army of fans! In 1970 he recorded two more albums; Whose Garden Was This and Take Me to Tomorrow. On the albums he composed the songs himself and on the back of their success he then released another album called; Poems, Prayers, and Promises. This would be the album that would launch his career and provide him with several hit records. His first top ten album was; Rocky Mountain High in 1972. He was on a roll from then on and later in nineteen 1974 he released another two albums; Sunshine On My Shoulder and Annie’s Song which both went to number one.

Something that you may not remember is that he also starred in a very popular movie with old-as-Moses actor, the late George Burns who played God in ‘Oh God’. Bet that rings a bell!

Even with his shaggy blonde hair, granny glasses and embroidered shirts, John Denver managed to be one of those guys that you just had to like no matter what your taste. Not only was he a great musician but he was also humanitarian who was asked by President Jimmy Carter to serve on the commission for world hunger.

In October of 1997 John Denver died in a plane crash of which he was the pilot and was later cremated with his guitar by his side.