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This is a fun team blog created so knitters who love to start projects, but have a backlog of unfinished objects, can encourage each other to complete their ufo's. You can also join a team blog.

Shamrock Crafts
This is just a place where I can show my projects with crocheting and knitting and just get things out of my head ;)

A little glimpse into my knitting mania.

zippiknits... A Sleeve to Wear A Heart On
This is my place to show my family and friends what I\'ve been up to most of the week or maybe a monthly. I try to keep it light hearted and interesting but don\'t always succeed.

an adventure in knitting and sewing while dealing with autoimmune disease

yarns and threads
An internet record of my craft activities - knitting, embroidery, crochet and whatever I manage to finish. I am hoping it will inspire me to finish some of my numerous works in progress

Shazzas Knits

Kittens, Mittens and Knit Things
I love to knit but have a short attention span, so I tend to start new project a lot. I procrastinate finishing the old ones. The kitty watches me, mocks me even, as I cast on for a new project...

Darkside of Knitting

Knitters Anonymous 1
community blog for supporting each other to finish knitted projects

The Yarn Bug
knitting blog

Astabeth Knits
A knitting blog.

Mostly about Knitting Journeys and its Progress

zippiknits... a sleeve to wear a heart on...
This is mostly knitting and life blog.

beads n fibers
This is my home for my beads n fiber art creations as well as my ramblings about them.