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Jpop/Kpop (Japanese and Korean pop) community.

A site for the jpop group, dream.

~:+SuperhumanChichi\'s Planet Asia+:~
Contains images, pictures, wallpapers, artist information for Japanese singers, J-pop, J-rock, J-Indies, Gackt, 12012, Guruguru Eigakan, AUSHVITZ, An Cafe\', Hamasaki Ayumi, Utada Hikaru, Malice Mizer, ...

Tons of J/K/C pop and more.

Anime Terminal
Forum For Sailor saturn and other topics

A collective focused mainly on East-Asian pop culture; includes an mp3 rotation site, banner exchange, and wallpapers.

Rising Forevermore
The TFL approved fanlisting for the Korean singer Bi (aka Rain). Join if you are a fan!

Hidden Track
An MP3 rotation site featucommunity music from J-pop, J-rock, Anime, Game, C-pop and K-music rotated every two weeks...enjoy ^_^

The. J-Beat
A small MP3 Rotation and Request site, mostly a collection of Anime & JPop MP3's up for download!!

another mp3 rotatshun site with songs that I'm in love with at that moment. updated whenever i feel like it ;)

aPPLeface MemoRies
Anime, Jpop, Cpop, Kpop rotation website ^^ free download and request.. what more could you ask? ^______^

1.6.8 Music Rotation~*
An East-Asian music rotation site which rotates bi-monthly. Songs featured are mostly Chinese, Korean and Japanese. :)

sugary sweet VOICE
sugary sweet VOICE is an East-Asian mp3 rotation site updating weekly with 6~8 songs for your listening pleasure.

An music rotation site that rotates weekly and has random songs in chinese, japanese, korean, and english.

Memories in the Rain
Mp3 rotation site updated weekly. J-pop, J-rock, and some english songs.

Seccie-chan's humble, little bloggie - SLASH - mp3 rotation site. Holds different types of music (mostly J-pop) for download every 2 weeks or so.

Rock 54
an mp3 rotation with j/c/k-pop and some occasional western music :)

ASIAN MUSIC heaven here~! Rock? Ballad? Pop? Vocals? Any genre? YES, you come to the right place~! ^^

The Big Bad Wolf
A site with a great blend of music.

Sound Pocky
Sound Pocky is an mp3 site offecommunity a variety of songs for download ranging from anime music to jpop to jrock to kpop. It also rotates filipino mp3s occasionally.

. : Pump it Up : .

Vivid Colours
Rotation site. Rotates weekly with 8 new songs each time! :)

Keep Tryin' Fanlisting
TFL.org approved fanlisting for the song 'Keep Tryin'' by Utada Hikaru.

JMC - A site where full albums, pv\'s, live\'s, full dvd\'s, etc, etc, are shared to increase your JMusic experience. Focused on JRock and Visual Kei, but we take up any JMusic requests.

Hikki's Eternal Sleep
A small weekly rotation site, updated every Friday or Saturday. Features J-Pop, C-Pop, J-Rock and game and anime music, as well as requests and the occasional English song depending on my mood. ^_^

K-Pop Directory
Directory of sites dedicated to Korean entertainment, such as K-Dramas, K-Pop, K-Hiphop and K-Rock.