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Any thing that has to do with Jhonen Vasquez.

For Invader Zim Fans
{;}A lot of soundfiles and pics. And other stuff like guestbooks,chat, messageboards,and polls.

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
Just another JTHM site with issue summaries and picture galleries pertaining to the most beloved massive headwound recipient in existence.

Johnny The Homicidal Maniac
A Good JtHM sit icluding Character Bios, Picutes, issue guide, and a lil on the manster of it all Jhonen v

{;}Another JTHM site with pics, info, and other stuff.

Krazy Spooky!
This is a site that screams at you because it's krazy, then when it gets quiet.... its just kinda... spooky....{;}

Dark, Dark, Secret
{;}uh... come here now. It really cool. PLAESE! THE RATS ARE EATING MY SKULL!

Crazy 4 Jhonen
My (german) site about Jhonen Vasquez and his wonderful comics/series !

Invader Zim Page
Just a cute little unofficial site about Jhonen Vasquez's cartoon Invader Zim. It also has a Jhonen section on it, telling of his other works.

The Other Site...
I collection of interesting spawns from my mind. nothing here is particularly good or anything, it is however all property of me, so if you want to steal any of it, at least ask...{;}

This site has valuable ZIM info.{;}