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~*~ If you are a fan of the beautiful enchanted art work of Jessica Galbreth, then this is the community for you!! ~*~

Winters Rose Art
The official site of artist, Christine Walkowicz.

This new site is for anyone that wants to share fun hobbies in arts & crafts, photography, sigs/tags making, animations or collecting such, poetry, support causes, and anyone that just want a clean, relax, ...

FaeriePrints.com - Fantasy Art by Nedda
Original Faerie and Fantasy art by Nedda Angelina Shishegar

My homepage is still in the making, it consists of pictures of my family but there will be other things soon enough...as I said it's in the making =){;}

Terri Lynn's Fairy Realm
I have the ever so lovely fairies living at my site along with the envamous gnomes. I have poetry and belong to several communitys.

Angel Images by Lisa Marie
Angel Images by Lisa Marie features the spiritual art of Visionary Artist Lisa Marie. She paints Guardian Angel Portraits, Spirit Quest Paintings, Angelic Pet Portraits and Angel Essence Portraits. Beautifully ...

Basically just a shrine to my interests...of which there are many. From Wicca to wrestling, seamonkeys to the sidhe, artwork to auctions...and everything in between. :)~{;}

Dreams in Delirium
A veritable plethora of mythic art and poetry! The Gallery/personal site of Marie Meier, aka TeyGan. Dance with the fae 'neath my hallow hill!

::Only Fairies::
This site is fully dedicated to the fairies and fairy art, as well as everything related to them and the spirits of the nature.

White Wolf
Site about wolfs and i also have a Messageboard and Guestbook a view adoped pets and a lot of interesting info on Wolfs.

Briar Moon Studio
The fantasy art of Gina Marie.

City of Xandi
{;}It is a Role Playing Game site main page. I used one of my favorite Feary pitures to decorate my Fey Character page. The game site is based off of Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake Vampire Hunter seris ...

Faerie Realm
Fairy graphics and the artists who made them, Jessica Galbreth, Cicely M Barker, Amy Brown, Jeff Bedrick and many more. Fae pictures for downloading, sets, backgrounds, my adopted unis and faeries.{;}

TigerFaerie's Den
This site is dedicated to my 2 favorite things, Faeries and Tigers, I have other artwork as well as some of my own up. and some of my old poetry, also a wealth of tiger pictures and art also. all well ...

Amanda's Amazing Graphics
Free, linkware web page sets made with artwork by Jessica Galbreth!{;}

Enchanted Designs
{;}Enchanted Designs Fantasy Art Gallery and Web Design. We display the artwork of artists such as Jessica Galbreth, Amy Brown, David Delamare, Paulina Stuckey, and Maxine Gadd.

valley of longing
A site that leads into a mythical realm where mysterious creatures dwell. Featucommunity art from Stephanie Law, Jessica Galbreth, Jim Warren, Amy Brown and Johanna Pieterman. All accompanied by beautiful ...

Mystic Order
Fantasy Club.

Nocturne Land
Wishmaster's will...join the perfect dream. Come accompanied by the full moon and discover the realm of the fae and its whole splendor. Enjoy the images, content, poetry and much more.{;}

My site has many unicorns,poems,story's,{;}awards,globes,and much more!{;}

A Journal of a Poet - The Goddess as my Muse
A growing art form dedicated to the Goddess in all her many forms. Site contains original poetry, chapters on over 30 different Goddesses, essays and the site also showcases wonderful Goddess and mythic ...

The Greek Goddess
A personal site featucommunity Greece, pet dedication pages, awards I offer, elegant greeting cards for all occasions, dedication pages to on-line groups, poetry pages, my neopets, free-for-all links, ...

Sets by Star*Shine
{;}Linkwake, Purchaseware Sets of All Themes, Calling Cards, Banners, Plaques{;}and Animated Zodiac Plaques. Elegant sets and made with great care.

Mistress of Mischief Design
Websets you can borrow to decorate your virtual home with...{;}

pixies meadow
Come take a journey through enchantment with pixies,faeries and other mystical creatues ~