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A Jew in Arabia searching for meaning in his heritage while surrounded by hostility towards Jews (and the bliss of living in the Middle East, even with secrets).

Aliyah and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
From the American Heritage Dictionary aliyah (l-, -l) n. pl. aliyahs, also aliyot (l-t) The immigration of Jews into Israel. [Hebrew ly, ascent, from l, to ascend. See ly in Semitic Roots.] ...

Ramblings of a Reform Jewish College Student in NYC.


Nosh Thoughts
A blog about Jewish cooking, food and random thoughts.

A Maggid's Musings
blogging about ministry, math, and gluten-free recipes

HaKav Yorim- The Ficommunity Line
News commentary by a serving IDF soldier. Politics, religion and a critique of the zeitgeist.

Dor Hadash
Dor Hadash is the young adult community within Beyt Tikkun. We are into renewing Judaism in a context that makes sense for us as we deepen our understanding of Jewish tradition. We are committed to helping ...

Quitting Mitzrayim
Personal musings on a jewish spiritual trip.

Tidings of Dystopia & Despair
An Internal Monologue of Jewish Tidings

carol - connecting
A personal weblog, a way of connecting spread out family with news and updates. About myself,family,travels, and my two main hobbies: genealogy and digital art.

Jewish History Channel
Discussions on Jewish history, Genealogy, Archaeology and other related subjects.

Three modern orthodox guys blogging about everything from the existence of free will, to the West Side dating scene, to flash cartoons.

Mens Rea
The state of mind (Mens Rea) of a single Jewish Denver lawgirl whose friends are coupling up as if the Flood is imminent. Posts about dating, work, and other aspects of life.

Margaya's Megilla
A new blog from a frum girl learning to balance her loves for Rambam and Harry Potter.

Umpa Umpa's house of LOL :-)
As the name says, unapologetic blog on middle eastern and world politics

Almost Kosher
From Goy Boy to Mensch. My Jewish conversion process.

Photographic Journal of my Aliyah and life in Israel

Wandecommunity, Wondecommunity, and Worrying
Musings on life in New York, NY, Bloomington, IL and my travels inbetween...

Resident Traveler
Ramblings of an English-Speaking Native-Born Israeli Guy

Meandecommunitys of a Jew from the frozen north.

seek to create a polyglot jewish community submitting incisive and original insights into (but not limited to) the following: Jewish life, culture and religion, geneology and genographics, archaeology, ...

Breath of the Beast
We are Being Stalked By a Beast Its spirit is focused on us because we are what it calls Dhimmis. It doesnt matter if you dont think of yourself as a Dhimmi, to the beast you are different so you are ...

Ha'azina Tefilati
One woman's successes and struggles with life, G-d, and depression.

Into a Writer's Head
This blog is all about my adventures on the road to publication, my observations of daily life, and life as a young, Jewish female.

A place to discuss politics and all the cooking I love to do. I'll also discuss being young and married and an obervant Jew, and all the things surrounding those things.

Kravin' Kedushah: Finding It
Life as an orthodox, Jewish, baalat Teshuvah, single woman... Will she live to discover that ever-elusive wormhole and birth herself out of our crazy universe mere seconds before it gorges itself to death ...

Torah Judaism And Israel

Doctor Hazak
Doctor Hazak is...Thoughts, News, and Love Right off the Dome and Straight from the Heart of the Baddest Medical Student and Religious Zionist in the Business!

The Kid Said What?
I'm a 35yo SAHM of a 10-30-02 daughter and 9-12-05 son. My interests are varied and my life is a balancing act of colorful balls. You cannot imagine the amazing and funny things that our 4-year-old says ...

7 Laws Of Noah
The site is for non-jews to learn about the Laws that were re-given to Noah and his children and to Humanity after the flood. Join the forum to learn more.

These Dreams Of Who????
I'm dreaming of meeting Mr. Right, right now.

No More Excuses
A question and answer form answecommunity all excuses why NOT to make Aliyah.

Matzah and Marinara
The personal journal of a 40-something Jewish mommy.

Wandecommunity Jewess
eternal student in search for meaning, eternally wondecommunity wonder, a wandecommunity Jewess ..

The Jewish Press Blog
Comments and thoughts on today\'s most important issues.

Chassidic maydel who left klal does tschuvah and seeks to return after 20 yrs in frey velt.

Reb Chaim HaQoton
This site contains various halachik and hashkafic expositions as well as essays on other Jewish topics related to the Torah.

A Soldier's Mother
From the time our children are born, we accept that our identity has changed. We were so many things, and continue to be. But in the moments after we give birth, and in the years that follow, we become ...

Opinionated Jew
Very opinionated rants on issues affecting the Jewish community, particularly the Orthodox community.

Don't Forget to Say Thank You
This site helps us find the good in life's challenges and learn to be thankful for them. Gam zu l'tova!

Tikkun Olam
Insights and ramblings on Israel, Judaism, Torah, Politics, and THE REASON FOR BEING (our purpose in life-Tikkun Olam)

Everyone Needs Therapy
This blog started out with a psycho-educational mission, but my readers started asking for something personal about me so I caved and ultimately it became me talking about me (sometimes) AND being psychoeducational. ...

The Kitniyot Liberation Front
The blog offers commentary with the aim of "fighting for truth and abandoning shtuth" in Israel and Judaism.

The Ligh At the End of the Tunnel
I am an Persian Israeli guy who have been to Israel and IDF. I am now attending law school. This blog is what I usually think about, so I try to write about it.

Inside the life and thoughts of....

Shimshon 9
News and views from Israel

Ima on and off the Bimah
Jewish family life and thoughts from a rabbi and mom of 3 young'uns.

Knitting Through Life
My blog is 95% about knitting, but otherwise, just stuff I think about.