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If there is anything the non-conformist hates worse than a conformist, it's another non-conformist who doesn't conform to the prevailing standard of nonconformity.

Writing in Wax
Just a Jewish college girl trying to get her thoughts together before entecommunity the "Real World."

My Feeble Attempt
A site devoted to thought, on topics Jewish and not.

Still in the Woods
A blog about my Jewish life and journey, from Reform, to Modern Orthodox, to whatever the heck I am now.

Reform To Wandecommunity... NeshamaSearcher
21 and having just graduated college, I find myself realizing things. Like, most significantly, the existence of a divine being. I have dedicated myself to explocommunity this spiritual truth through my ...

Chai Expectations
One Jewish man's search for a spouse in the mile high city of Denver, Coloraod (Hey Blogmaster! You already put me on, but for some reason my code vanished. Will you send it to me again. Sorry I messed ...

blah blah blog
This is a random blog about pretty much everything that catches the eye of its 30-year old single girl author, but especially politics and pop culture -- art, sports, movies, music, television, celebrities, ...

B'nai Elim (Sons of the Mighty)
B'NAI ELIM B’nai Elim (literally, “Sons of the Mighty” (from Psalm 29)) was established by former Officers and Directors of the Jewish Defense League in order to advance their commitments to expanding ...

the hood
all that is the hood!

My Share of Sun in Israel
People, places, history, personal views, comments, and experiences in Israel.

Reality one blog post at a time
Blog posts on things concerning Eretz Yisrael, Torah, the future of the Jewish people, and myself :)


online journal of Jewish oboe performance major in Cincinnati, OH

Kosher Fish Destination
This site hopes to teach the truth about kosher fish. This includes both the defintiion, the application, and issues that otherwise affect the kosher status. Maintained by Chaim Goldberg, a layman specializing ...

Bnei Yisra\'el
Jewish identity and Moshiach

A collection of musings, news commentary, and journal entries, rolled into one.

Moral Code
This blog started to discuss issues of morality and ethics in Jewish life. Will not only focus on this and I'll write about anything and everything that comes my way :)

Walking On Fire
Kabbalah On The Edge, Iconoclastic explorations of a Jewitch.

Jews against War in Lebanon
Jews against War in Lebanon is an intercampus network of Jewish students who oppose the military actions of the Israeli forces operating in Lebanon. Our opposition is rooted in concerns for the long-term ...

wannabe frum
frum girl with somewhat different opinions

Freedom's Cost
We hope you will enjoy your visit here. Who are we, you ask? One of us is 59 years old and lives in Brooklyn, NY in the US, the other is 35 and lives in Rouen, France. While one is a Jew, the other ...

Rabbi Jay S. Lapidus
Jewish resources in central Connecticut, including kosher establishments and schools. Published articles by Jay Lapidus. Links to other sites.

All is Good B
A Shidduch made in Blogsville

Working Mom Ravings
The ravings and musings of a working mother of twins, who can't stand the backlash against working mothers in the world today.

Nefesh Yehudi
The inner workings of two confuses jewish souls.

Jewish Ideas
An assortment of Jewish thought, philosophy and learning by American Yeshiva students.

Frum Dance Party
Conservative Midwestern Orthodox Jewess

voices from Israel
This public blog aspires to convey the innumerable opinions and emotions of the Israeli twenty something generation coping in such a complex society. It hopes to serve as a literary release for a generation ...

From Israel with Love
Life in Israel under ketyuchas

Jewish Pride
A place to discuss the world from a politically incorrect but authentic Jewish perspective.

Reflections on Entertainment and Language
Commentary on movies and books, as well as short essays on a variety of topics. I have a particular interest in language, and how it is used in our lives to further change.

The Nose Knows
Politics, music, Mel Gibson bashing, religion (and religious skepticism), etc.

Pretty Green Eyes
just my daily thoughts or events..

My country Israel
The life of young adult in Israel, former Israeli Military officer and student for International Studies. these my life. welcome

Sfas Emes
A weekly homily from the Sfas Emes in clear, easy to understand English.

Yesha Settler
The ramblings, writings and rants of a former Noo Yawkah living on a West Bank settlement, in the middle of God's country.

Eshes Chayil
Just a strange blog with all sorts of things on it that make little to no sense.

Commentaries about what\'s going on in the Jewish world a slightly right wing skew Sarcasm will get you everywhere

Neocon Express
*Worldwide Sources * Constantly Updated * Hard News * Soft News * Articles * Links * Images * and comments from a Neo-Conservative Perspective

Kvetching and Screaming
A little kvetching and a lot of kibitzing!

A Reform Jew's Journey Through Torah & Mitzvot

Esser Agaroth
The approximate monetary equivalent of two cents.

the 90th minute
This blog covers daily life and politics in Israel, as well as Hebrew-English linguistic issues, from the perspective of an American-raised journalist and translator living in Jerusalem.

4. n, YONKED a weblog that chronicles the purchase, renovation, and ultimate inhabitation of a house in Yonkers, NY by two lovebirds of the insane variety.

Son of Zion
A right wing blog from an American Jew in the diaspora.

Una vision de medio oriente para las personas de habla hispana

Dare to be inspired... While I share my inspiration.

Stop Bitching Start A Revolution

Thread Or Yarn
Making hiddur mitzvah - beautifying the mitzvot

Talmidim Against Genocide
Blog og the Talmidim Against Genocide Campeign to Save Darfur from Israel