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Another supposedly frum Jew

Just some thoughts on various topics that come to mind recently

Clara Mente, o blog do Canhoto
Blog from a Portuguese goy-born converted to Orthodox Judaism, living in Israel. On Israel, Journalism, Portugal, World, Judaism and other 'isms'. In Portuguese. / Blog de um português nascido não-judeu ...

Outside the Blogway
Discussion of national politics to the world stage, from the important topics to the silly or mundane, it's all fair game here at Outside the Blogway.

Torah to help prevent the Republican apocalypse.

JewBu Quest: From Abuse to Happiness
JewBu: a Jew who practices forms of Buddhist meditation & spirituality. This blog documents my quest to 1) heal from sexual, verbal, and emotional abuse, 2) come to terms with losing Mom and Grandma to ...

Israeli Loyalist Coalition
The Israeli Loyalist Coalition (I.L.C.) dedicates itself to supporting a strong Jewish nation and educating the international community regarding the TRUTH about Israel.

The Element's Lair
The Element's Lair, is where the truth is told.

A blog focusing on the usual blog issues: silliness on the right, politics, humor, and the occasional cause for hope.

Think Stuff
Stuff to make people think and truths that some might find controversial, but never anti-semitic.

The Sambor Un_Rebbi
My random thoughts on topics of Jewish interest. I've been active on Jewish Internet activities since the days of net.religion.jewish. I live in the US, currently in a smaller Jewish community. I dislike ...

Greeting from the French Hill
It's a blog where anything from politics to everyday stuff is discussed. A lot of it is focused on Israeli and Jewish politics, but it also will have political topics from the States. It's fun and interesting. ...

The Disenchanted Forest
The disillusioned rantings of a tart-tongued harpy:Politics, Religion and anything else that gets my panties in a wad

Cosmic X
An Orthodox Jewish blog from Jerusalem. Deals with anything and everything!

Whats The Word?
A collaboration of articles pertaining to various aspects of life. Contains humor, and a new perspective.

Why can’t I look in the mirror?
Jewish Reflections on the journey to finding my faith

My musings as I prepare to make aliyah to Israel: my thoughts, fears, stumbling blocks, observations on Israel, the aliyah process, and how aspects of my life affect it all.

A day in the life of a guy trying to live in Israel.

Sanity Now!
An unmoderated stream of semiconsciousness, philosophical, cultural and political musings from your favourite Maori-Jewish-social-anarcho-cultural-zionist.

Blog of a Philadelphia medical student.

Frumpter - Chassidic Life in Law School
Colorado Life experiences in Law School as a frum jew. Also, post-Baal'Teshuva experiences years after leaving yeshiva.

That Black Lesbian Jew
Writings about current issues about politics, people of color, religion, women and whatever I feel like at the moment.

Scotty DOES know
Random, sarcastic rants.

You Shall be Holy
This site chronicles my evolving relationship with my religion, especially as it relates to my other major cultural identities: secular American and almost-native Japanese

Rants of an Overly-Philosophical Mind
Just me. (See keywords.)

Seth Chalmer's Blog
Read and argue with Seth Chalmer's opinions on Jewish and political issues.

KIC - Keeping It Current
KIC (Keeping It Current) is a blog presented by KIC Founder Michael Lawrence. He is a facilitator of Current Affairs sessions and Israel Advocacy Training in Israel for tourists and those on programs in ...

Jewish Duude
Just your average teenage Jewish kid, from a frum family, open enough though, thanks for bcommunitying me up that way!

Musings from the Peanut Gallery
Just some random thoughts about being a Jew here and now in Southern California.

Holy Laughter in the River

Mah Rabu
Thoughts about Torah, physics, politics, the independent Jewish scene, education, music, New York, and the intersections of all those areas.

Moving on
My name is Glen Holman. My daughter passed away last summer 3 days before her 11th birthday. I have created a web site (blog) in an attempt to give chizuk to other bereaved parents, perpetuate her memory ...

Divah World
Musing on life as I live it. Since much of my life is centered on Jewish ritual practice, there's a lot of observations of that world.

Daf Am Haaretz
I call this blog Daf Am Haaretz as a disclaimer, lest anyone enter this site thinking they will find traditional wisdom. (Daf is the term for the two-sided folio of Talmud that is the daily portion of ...

something something
As we say in this neck of the desert, life is something something - a blog about life in Israel – day-to-day trials and tribulations, joy, sorrow, politics. As two "Anglos" living somewhere in Israel, ...

Not Another Lawyer
I haven't quite decided yet what this blog will be about, as I find myself still squarely within the belief that blogs are inherently arrogant and self-indulgent, and that the readers of blogs are just ...

Daniels Counter Blog of A Jewish Something Kind
Independent Personal Counter poltical and cultural writings, actions and more.

Anytime Musings of a Frum Psychotherapist
A home for my thoughts and musings on life as a frum psychotherapist, on working with the frum community, and on life in general!

Emet m'Tsiyon
Blog featucommunity quotations from historical documents, poems, classic histories, ancient and medieval Jewish and non-Jewish authors and texts. Authors featured include Yehudah haLevi, Solomon ibn Gabirol, ...

Israel Perspectives: Feeling 'Right' at Home
Perspectives on daily life in Israel, politics, and issues confronting the Jewish People through the eyes of one who was born and raised in New York, and who, as of January 2003, finds himself taking an ...

I am a 30-something woman with two bachelor's degrees. One in history and the more recent in environmental science. Currently embarking on a Master's in conservation biology. This is my story.

Israel Right and Wrong
Return to the roots of The Law as handed down by Moses, not the Israeli state.

Kesher Talk
Offecommunity a hawkish centrist Jewish view of global politics since 2002.

The Pragmatician
Discussion on Jewish heimische world with emphasis on pragmatic solutions and viewpoints.


Shul of Rock
Shul of Rock is more than a blog - it's an attitude.

Just Trying to Understand
The thoughts of a frum Yeshiva bachur on his return from Eretz Yisroel, and his first steps into the Brave New World.

Circus Tent
Jewish History and Current events. debunking some of the myths being circulated. Chabad and other Chassidic circles. Misnagdim and the like.

A girl seeking the truth of her faith, and what it means to her, with brief digressions into secularism, pop-culture, and the things that make her tick.

This Normal Life
For over three years now, This Normal Life has hosted weekly essays on what passes for "normal" life in Israel today. Categories include "Only in Israel," "Living Through Terror," "Jewish Tradition," and ...