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There are way too many YU guys who Blog. What's one more?

Free Israel Now!
Free Israel from Arab Muslim terrorism, genocide, apartheid boycott campaign, Arabian oil mafia's racist monopoly on the UN, EU & main interntaional arena and media against Israel the victims.

Ernie Rothman's Weblog
Weblog of a Rhode Island based math prof and long time Unix aficionado who loves his wife and Newfies, and really likes Macs. Also, posts on TV/Movies.

The Kosher Blog
Explocommunity (trying to find?) the gourmet side of Kosher living.

Gin and Phonics
In my blog, I sigh a lot.

The kosher and not so kosher thoughts of a woman on just about anything and everything

Don's Mideast Musings
This is a fairly serious "essay" site, centecommunity around my own views on Israeli politics and policy, terrorism (I'm an Associate at the Institute for Counter-Terrorism at the Interdisciplinary Center, ...

The Technofile
Reviews and features about all the latest hardware & software for creatives: music, video, film, photography, DJing, VJing, design, art, animation, books, courses and more.

WTF?! - Jared Angell's blog about life.
A place of CyberObjectivist musings, praise and criticisms about the state of the world today and the people who live in it.

Moach - Kosher Traveler
Information and tips for the kosher traveler, includes extensive links to kosher information throughout North America.

Passionate Life
My thoughts on what it means to live a Passionate Life. Dating, interpersonal relationships, personal growth, emotional health, Orthodox Judaism, living a meaningful life. Life is meant for experiencing, ...

Shalom B'Sha'arecha (Peace in your gates)
Dedicated to 1) the establishment and maintenance of Shalom Bayis (peace in the home) in all its aspects; and 2) to the eradication of the attribute of ka'as (anger).

Tainted Glass
Personal weblog that concentrates slightly on mideast and Canadian political issues.

The random, sometimes rambling, thoughts of a Jewish poet and Biblical Scholar (Though not always poetic nor about the Bible. I am, however, always Jewish).

Cara's World: The World According to Me
I think, therefore I'm Jewish. Or is it: I'm Jewish, therefore I think? Either way, these are my thoughts. Caution: uncharted territory ahead.

Radical Jewish Culture
A site about my Jewish music radio show with lists and reviews of the best new jewish music and music events

Teyku (תיקו) "tishbi yetaretz kushiyot v'abayot", or "let it stand"

Welcome to Haven
Basically a site put together by a Jewish guy (myself) and his friends. We had all met through playing D&D (Dungeons & Dragons). We were all avid players, and became close friends. My friends are helping ...

SklarO World
Angry guy getting back at the world. And at the religous community that has judged him. Offensive.

Jumping On The BandWagon

words, stuff, and other things

Left in Israel
Looking at things through the very personal point of view of one Israeli left wing jew.

Because I Say So!
Buttery, bited-sized bits of tender bitchiness from your favorite Wandecommunity Jew

Elisa Camahort's Personal Blog
A site with various slacker musings, including political commentary and various reviews from movies to concerts to American Idol.

Moishe House SF
Moishe House SF blog is the official blog for Moishe House San Francisco. Moishe House SF is community house for young Jews, twenty to mid-thirties, living is San Francisco and the Bay Area. Our primary ...

Kaufman\'s Ruminations
My thoughts on a wide variety of topics, mostly relating to Judaism

Aryeh's Israel Blog
One person's view of Israel, our society, the Arab-Israel conflict, Jewish issues, and other related topics, from a proud liberal Zionist pacifist American-Israeli Jew who's lived in Israel for over 20 ...

Da'as Hedyot
Another ex-yeshiva guy speaking up about he sees the current state of orthodoxy.

For All The Jews Returning to the Faith
I wanted to set up this blog for other people to be able to add to it their experiences of how they too have woken up, and also their daily encounters of how they KNOW that g-d is there, with us at all ...

Life in the Ghetto
My life trying to live as a frum Jew in a religious neighbourhood and some of the issues I face in life, living in the real, goyish world.

Tamar's Blog
Sporatically updated on nothing in particular.

Heimish in Cedarhurst
Heimish yunger man moves from brooklyn to cedarhurst.

Adventures in Jerusalem
A daily (or so) about life in Jerusalem.

Commentaries and thoughts regarding current events, politics and current events

-=Rambi's Blog=-
It is a Croatian-English site, mostly about Israel; it became active as a part of forum I am a member of in order to inform Croatian people about Israel from an Israeli perspective as information available ...

Anything Jewish
Views on random issues related to Jews and Israel.

Random Snippets
A small window into the bizarre mind of the 13-year-old girl. Or something like that. My long and strange ramblings, pretty much. Enjoy.

Michael L. Brenner's Blog
A blog with Israel letters, comments on the law, and other observations.

Steve's RosenBlog
Mostly about photography, mostly of the digital kind. Also, some politics, especially about Israel and the Middle East.

Wilow Tree
Thoughts and rants of me

The musings of a B.T. on Judaism, politics, and life in general.

Center Point
This is the story of one woman's journey to her Judaism home.

Shabbat and Chagim Menus and Ideas
Menus and idea about shabbat and chagim cooking

Religion & Society
Random and not-so-random musings on religion, culture, and society by J. Shawn Landres

Heebs Blogg
It's just my thoughts, feelings and way to vent about the world and it's lovely inhabitants.

Here you can find everything related to technology, computers, internet in a plain and simple language.

musings on Torah, philosophy, life, defenestration.

The Lone Ortho
As a lone Ortho marooned on a secular college campus, I created this blog for the dual purpose of venting and shacommunity my experiences, pleasant and otherwise. Join me as I traverse the treacherous ...

Ari Lives in Israel
I read the news, watch what's going on and then process my thoughts into coherent and formulated postings. Simple, easy, painless and, best of all, now you can cancel your newspaper subscriptions, tell ...

back row banter
observations, opinions, and other assorted pieces of wisdom, from an orthodox jew