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Blogging academic, religious, and pop-cultural esoterica since 2001. With citations.

Bear Left On Unnamed Road
Commentary on science, news, technology, the Macintosh, my life, and identityt theft.

Penny Stock
"Nothing too earth shattecommunity, but important to me." Thoughts on random goings on in the news, media, my life, other blogs.

Hooray For Anything
Snarky, sarcastic musings on the world as well as anything else that pops into my head.

AuntieGromit's Blog-o-Rama
Once upon a time I was a professional on an academic career track. Now I'm a SAHM, aspicommunity writer and part-time potter with a penchant for fiber arts. It would all be very hip, swanky and eclectic ...

Dialogue for Peace
Follow and contribute to the development of a group of Jews, Palestinians and 'significant others' as we try to establish a route to a just and peaceful resolution of the crisis in the Middle East through ...

I Could Be Wrong....
Opinions you probably won't find elsewhere....

A little bit of this...a little bit of that. Pro-Isreali, Pro-American.

A random account of life as I see it...

A Jared Manifesto
A personal web blog for one passionate Jew.

Somewhere on A1A
Current Events Blog

The Cave
Random flashes of insight and self-deprecation from a youngish rabbinical student

Pen-Elayne on the Web
Elayne Riggs' journal

2000-Year Itch
Diary of a young American Jew's thoughts and experiences as he prepares to make, and then makes, aliyah to Israel.

A distinctive voice on matters political, philosophical, sexual, and rabbinical.

But how's the coffee?
The sometimes cranky writings of an author and would-be pundit who runs on high-test coffee and just a trace of bitterness. News and odd thoughts, outrage and occasionally a little geekiness.

A City Slicker
Daily comments on stuff of interest.

Uncommon Sense
Educated rants of a non-conformist

Plum Crazy
Home of the Vast Center Wing Conspiracy

Segacs's World I Know
Politics, philosophy, world affairs, and random thoughts.

Jeanette's Kitchen
Weblog of journalist & 2G activist Jeanette Friedman

The Hock
The hock on life and happenings in the jewish community- the goods, the bads and the oy vay iz meers

Stephen Silver
This blog is about politics, sports, entertainment, current events, religion and much more.

Out of Step Jew
A blog that discusses events related to the religious-Zionist or modern Orthodox world: Israel and its politics, women and Judaism, the Jewish culture wars.

Only In Israel
Presenting the thoughts of an 18y/0 with way too much time on his hands.

Meaning's Edge
"I do not understand you Tis because I lean over you meaning's edge And feel the dizziness of things You have not said" ~ Stickney

Love Song for No One
I started my blog a while back, just as a way of keeping in touch with friends and writing our my inner rambles. I've been getting increasingly politically aware, especially on the subject of Israel. ...

Frum Dating Theory
Having experienced many failed relationships, I feel fully qualified to provide critical analysis of the frum dating world, both shiduch and otherwise. This blog will also be used as a forum for me to ...

World Watching
I discuss everything from world events, to local events, to health issues. I will even discuss my life on occasion

Who's Your Rabbi? the blog
Thoughts & observations of a not so Kosher Jewish guy.

A commentary on rabbinic texts and public policy issues, such as environment, health & safety, and social justice.

Jason's News Blog
News stories about Jews and Israel.

star of david
This blog is dedicated to my son's three dimentional folded paper Star of David and collects interesting things about other Stars of David. Readers are invited to add their stuff to this blog.

theGK's blog
Born and bred in a Brooklyn ghetto and raised to lead a steriotypical Jewish female role...yada, yada...am now a graduate student at MIT studying mechanical engineecommunity.

Psycho Toddler
Observations of a Jewish Rock musician, physician, and father on dis, dat, and dat udder ting

sKnit Fit
The site is starting off focusing on knitting, but I plan to expand it to be more of a personal journal and commentary about society and life in general.

A place to vent

Nesicha Libi's Fabulous Life
All about a Jewish girl who moved to Southern California for College.

New Jersey White Trash
Diasporic ramblings of a man in exile west of the Hackensack River.

to early for aliyah??
Thoughts and ideas on making aliyah as a teenager.

The Truth About Israel
A blog dedicated to cutting through to the truth about the Middle East conflict... here you'll find articles, letters and links to information that you don't see in the mainstream media... We hope you ...

blog dedicated to fighting antisemitism and anti-israelism....

Against prejudices about Israel & Middle East

I provide information on my army experiences, pro Israel outlooks, and everyday outlooks on life.

the truth hurts
i am an essentially flawed indidvidual who manages to do the right thing enough of the time.

Live Frei or Die!
Someone who grew up in the Conservative Movement who's been disillusioned and has become a bit alienated. This is his place to comment on the Conservative Jewish world without getting put down or thrown ...

Chosson Hunt 2005

blue star
View from and on israel from a french ole hadasch. Focus on culture, unexpected things, alyah, high tech


frum n lovin it
i'm a frum teenager (almost 17) with a lot to say...