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Click Member link to see site in tvThe Truth about Israel
I was born in Brooklyn (like everybody), but I served in the Israeli army; my first reserve duty was the Six-Day War. My father was a Palestinian--born in Poland, emigrated to Palestine when he was three ...

Something... and Half of Something
Another Jewish Girl from Brooklyn blogging from Florida

Random thoughts from Vox Edvardicus

Artist's Personal Site
paintings, workshops, works on paper, books, poetry, journal

Desde Sefarad
Comentarios y artículos destinados a examinar el conflicto palestino-israelí, el uso que hacen los medios de ello y la judeofobia que provoca.

O Observador
politics and society

Somewhere on A1A...
General News adn current events journal

Keetah Dalet
This blog serves as an extension for the Keetah Dalet class at Congregation Shaareth Israel in Lubbock, Texas. The postings will extend the central theme of the class, Jewish Identity.

My Urban Kvetch
One writer records her experience in New York City: She dates, she freelances, she opines on Judaism, pop culture and the world around her. She flirts with bankruptcy, and when she's lucky, single Jewish ...

Velveteen Rabbi
A passionate, idiosyncratic, unOrthodox look at contemporary Judaism.

Turning the Tide
A blog about life, Israel, and the Jewish world.

simulev -Swedish anti-Israeli bias
Reports from the Diaspora

The Teacher
A traditionally orthodox, newly qualified teacher shacommunity his teaching experiences and more...with anyone who is interested!

The Key to Rebecca
Even I wonder what it is...

Ruach MeMalelah
In which I try to figure out the great mystery known as...life

The Jihad threat against the West and Israel
Focuses on anti-Israel reporting in the UK media, and the Islamic Jihadist threat to the West

Luminous Remarks
My thoughts and Experiences. Life. Religion. Work. Vancouver.


My Life is God's Comic Strip
Personal log about random, funny things that happen.

The Tasty Muffin
Daily political and societal musings of a bleeding heart liberal.

A day in the life of a mother
This is a blog about the life of a frum mother with small children.

The Chosen One
The 'Chosen One' can refer to many things. It can refer to my being a part of the chosen people. It can refer to me being the only Jew in my family. It can refer to my Star-Wars-loving best friend altecommunity ...

This is the page for the OrthoSceptic. The OrthoSceptic lives as part of the orthodox Jewish community and, at least outwardly keeps its rules. The Orthosceptic goes to shul, he eats Kosher, he keeps shabbos. ...

lost in bec's world
how i got lost, how lost i got, and how i manage to unlose myself in the quest between halfway here and halfway there--a jewish perspective on the BT in me.

Jerusalem is the place to be
Former jerusalem policeman who quit because of the Disengagement

The Restaurant at the End of My Brain
This blog is used mostly for the purpose of documenting my experiences throughout this special part of my life. The content will never get too personal, so expect the rating to stay at around PG-13.

My heart, mind and soul at work!
Just a couple of stuff I wrote over the past few months.

Metal Jew
A little bit Jewish, a little bit Metal.

The Air Force Pundit
Web blog about my life, the United States Military, Israel, Jewish life in Washington DC

esenbi's stupid life..
israeli blog.. :)

The Gooch On...
Tales and musings from a 30-year old small business owner, professional wrestling fan, CA native and Jew

Aiatolá Abacate
Stuffs like middle east, sports, media manipulation and stupid jokes. brazilian southern point of view

Palimpsest of Days
Random thoughts about life in Israel.

The Kentucky Democrat
It is the blog of a Jewish actor-comedian that follows politics and entertainment news.

Here's just a few thaughts about the mundane aspcts of life.

Becoming Shmulik M.

Just Passing Thru
Mainly a pictorial view of the Cape of Good Hope(Storms) and Random Thoughts of a Jew in South Africa

the miri chronicles
photoblog about my experiences as an Israeli living in NY

Del arte de cruzar los oceanos
This is a bilingual blog (Spanish-English) by an Argentinian immigrant to Israel. There are personal and political posts.

Prize Is Right
This blog lists all of the best contests, prizes, and competitions in all areas (science, technology, business, and art).

Mental Schmutz
coulda, shoulda, prada honey....

The Town Crier
Communal and global news, commentary, analysis, tidbits,humor politics and some satire.

This is mostly my thoughts at the time I write them. Sometimes I will write about philosophical stuff, other times politics, but mostly it is my thoughts about the place I am and the places I'll be going. ...

Sky Watching My World
A daily log from a teen's perspective of interesting articles and her daily travails

The amusing musings of a 20-something, fledgling psychologist living on the Westside of Los Angeles. I love fashion, British men, music, movies, and anything that's fabulous! I am also a proud Jewess.

my cousin jonathan rememberances
My cousin jonathan was a hasid who comitted suicide

Thoughts of the Brahma
The Brahma kvetches and moans about things he can never change. But it's better than getting shpilkus!

Smooth Stone
"Smooth Stone" is a pro-Israel opinion weblog. The visitor will find intelligent commentary as well as links to articles by other advocates who also discuss the crisis facing Israel. The site also provides ...

My Cousin Jonathan
My cousin jonathan was a baal teshuva hasid. he was also a suicide at the age of 23. This site is about his life and his hasidic community and my relationship with him.

//Comment This Out
A personal blog where I discuss my life, politics, computers, and anything else that comes to mind.