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Ramblings and Ruminations from the Hipper Side of 30. All the way from Jerusalem

Pro-Israel advocacy through presentation of News and Views

life of a full time mom
blog of a full time mom.

Jerusalem Wandecommunitys
Life in Jerusalem, personal stuff, etc.

Friends of Micronesia
A blog supporting Israel, America and our war against Muslim extremism.

Sweet Rose
My personal musings about Judaism, literature, being single, deep thoughts, enjoying and appreciating the world and dealing with those people around me.

Slightly Mad
Saving the world in Jerusalem. Slowly going insane.

Cool BT
Cool secular guy becomes a religious Jew. Tales of the journey from past to present.

jewcy lala
i escaped from my other blog


*insights, witticisms and deep thoughts from a new yorker, including but not limited to politics, Israel, Judaism, money, interpersonal relationships, advertising, random & astute observations* *a ...

The Apikorsus Companion v2.0
Elf's DH's take on Judaism, Computers, and other elements of Life: commentary from a Boston-area observant Conservative Jew.

ReZ O. Lution: the rebel inside
Ramdom thoughts on life, friendship, politics, and Judaism.

Pratie Place
Miscellaneous reflections.

Israeli Entertainment Tonight
A website covecommunity pertinent information to Israeli Pop Culture.

The Slippery Slope

Not Quite Perfect
Mainly fractals with the odd photograph thrown in. Sometimes I do something "special" for Jewish Holidays.

Damned Republicrats
Politics from the gut. Truth without spin.

A daily or weekly rant(?), monolog about living in a small town in Ohio. Things that connect my wife and I to the people around us. Conversion to Jeweism. My spelling, or lack thereof. Conversations with ...

A kabbalah blog covecommunity the live broadcasts and other events from www.kabbalah.info in Israel

Jewish Conciusness
Part of the surface's dimension of what every Jew has to know to act in a Jewish way right today. Happenings that take place inside the Jewish people that claim for right though and ammendment a.s.a.p ...

Garbanzo Toons
I spend a lot of time ranting about politics and the current war, but sometimes I like to blab on about education, music, books, and stuff.

Kosher Capers
kosher mommies unite!

News,Op/Ed,photos,links,listen to our show!A new website( May 2004 )from the spanish language radio talk show "Crisis en el Medio Oriente" trasmitted from WAPA 680 AM SAN JUAN/ 1260 AM PONCE Puerto Rico, ...

Jewish Archives
History,trivia,pioneers,Synagogues old & New and much much more

Lamrot Hakol (Despite Everything)
Musings and kvetchings and Torah thoughts from an unconventional Orthodox Jew.

Seraphic Secret
Robert J. Avrech, an orthodox screenwriter in Hollywood, tries to cope with the death of his beloved son Ariel by blogging his way to...what?

on chanting
In which I think about chanting Torah, singing, life, you name it.

From Melbourne to Ottawa
my personal picture diary

A discussion of thought, both Jewish and secular, current events, and funny stuff, from New Zealand-based Jews.

The Rozhinke Blog
A blog dedicated to the preservation and spreading of hazzones (jewish art music)!

For Israel and Justice
Mix of commentary and facts about everything concerning Israel, like terrorism, the UN, the EU, NGO's, anti-Semitism and more

A collection of Jewish journalism by award-winning writer, Joel Shurkin.

Skapiskis Cemetery Project
Today, as in many places in Eastern Europe, a Jewish cemetery is the last remaining evidence of the history and presence of a local Jewish community. This Project stands as a memorial to those who perished ...

PepGiraffe Productions
Jewish, single, 30s, female, NYC. Blog started as a way to keep in contact with family and friends without having to email everyone individually, since I come from sunny Southern California. Now, of course, ...

Yet another "frummy with a secret" blog. I felt I could do my part by adding my own voice to the community here. To those like me, living in the covert underground: You are not alone!

Random comments on books, articles, news items or current events, through the lens of a Talmud student

yiddishe-kop 2.0
Israel advocacy from a student at UI.

Gatsby\'s Guide
My own random thoughts about politics, religion, science, literature and whatever else I feel like talking about.

A Doggy's Life
Musings by a girl who loves dogs about her kid and her life.

The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid ...


Chai Expectations
One Jewish man's search for a wife in the mile high city of Denver Colorado

Jewish Life on the edge of a knife.

Malka's Musings

Another random Jewish girl's blog.

A outspoken volunteer of the NYPD who is not afraid to question authority. Authority is to be respected not blindly followed. Apathy is the price we pay when we keep silent.

testaruda potencia
el alma se esfuerza, cuanto puede, en imaginar las cosas que favorecen la potencia de acción del cuerpo (spinoza, ethica iii, prop. xii)

Everything jewish including dvar torahs, gossip, lashon hara, judaic opinions, etc

Blog de poesía y otras letras