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Click Member link to see site in tvThe Artist's Torah
This blog delves into the richness of our weekly Torah readings for wisdom on all aspects of creativity and the creative person’s life. You won’t always find traditional interpretations here, and sometimes ...

melchett mike
A frustrated former journalist and professional cynic’s thought-streams while out walking his dogs, including on Israel and Tel Aviv (and their colourful natives), and a single’s life therein, from the ...

Almost Eden
Written in "A Day in the Life" format, this blog has been created for those of you who have been asking about the Aliyah to Israel process and merging into Israeli society. Categories include: Aliyah ...

Independent Jewish Voices (Canada)
Progressive Jewish views.

Some thoughts of a Chabad Chossid.

Ultimos dias de Bar Kochba
Rightwing site on Israel politics

spanish blog about jewish music and other old Sefarad tasks

Between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv
Thoughts about Torah, Family, Work, Politics, life in Modi'in, and anything else that comes to mind.

The Vicious Babushka
The Vicious Babushka pro-Israel/Judaic/Russian Jewry blog

Notes of a Jewpanese Nomad
Quick notes jotted down by a Jewpanese Nomad who has lived in Japan, Korea, Canada, and the US.

my sick and ugly story
the story of my life, dealing with sexual abuse and orthodox judaism, mostly in poetry form

Hasbara For Israel
Teshuva, Aliyah, Manhigut Yehudit, Meir Kahane, Annex Gaza - Judea - Samaria, Arab MK's are Lo Beseder!

Eretz Yisrael Committee of Upstate NY
For far too long the official Jewish leadership has abandoned our heritage, the holy Land of Israel, to foreign claim. The Land, which the Almighty God of Israel swore unto our forefathers Abraham, Isaac ...

New Yorkers For Moshe Feiglin
Supporting Manhigut Yehudit here in the Galut. We advocate turning the State Of Jews...into the Jewish State - Updates will discontinue to honor of the Sabbath. Updates will resume Saturday night following ...

Shiurim With Rabbi Pinchas Winston

Dunking Rachael
Love...Faith...Life What is an ex-Catholic, Buddhist Unitarian Universalist doing at the mikvah? must have something to do with finding faith, love, and community after divorce. A post conversion ta ...

HTML Special Message
Blog that includes videos and more that some of the information may not be able to be seen in emails received in plain format

Torah Judaism And Israel
Anything relating to Torah, Judaism and Israel

Ideas on Judaism Through The Weekly Parsha, Jewish History, Jewish Thinkers and other thoughts
Different ideas on Judaism using the weekly parsha, ideas from jewish thinkers, Jewish history and other ideas.

transnational artistic musings
Guatemalan Jewish video/performance artist Maya Escobar's thoughts on multiculturalism, hybridity,Jewish identity, contemporary art, critical pedagogy and more...

Jewish History
Ideas on Jewish History from the beginning of time until modern days.

Comics, Art, & Judaism
Philosophical and moral issues raised when the Jewish prayerbook (the "siddur") is turned into a comic book/graphic novel. A forum to discuss and think about issues raised in the book, the "Comic Book ...

Trying to make sense of a meshuga planet: history, commentary, politics, etc.

Adjustment [and] Disorder
Social worker has a baby. Five months later she figures out that motherhood is just one long adjustment disorder.

State of Exile

The random thoughts of a nice Jewish boy in grad school. A mixture of religion, politics and history with a nice helping of science fiction and fantasy (I even have a novel going).

life with my parents
Join me as I comment on life, school, Judaism, work, and many other subjects all while surviving a Jewish mother and a completely neurotic family.

Kibbutz Window
I write about my life on a kibbutz in central Israel and my American view of the socialist farm paradise. It's about stuff like how we celebrate holidays, how to deal with functionaries, my attempts ...

Coffee and Chemo
RivkA's online Coffee & Chemo Cafe discussing Life, the Universe, and Me. I am a Red-Head (to know one, is to love one), Zionist (last of a dying breed), Idealist (can't help it, I still want to change ...

Israel Tech News
news about the latest Israeli hi-tech innovations and inventions

Dayvid Saffer
A one time traditional Labour supporter, both in the UK and Israel, I have recently come to the conclusion that those traditional notions of the political left and right are no longer valid in the 21st ...

Mesillat Yesharim
O Caminho dos Justos, é na verdade "Um Atalho (Uma Maneira) e um Convite à elevação do homem ao Divino" - enviado a todos aqueles que com Temor e Amor verdadeiros servem à HaShem através do cumprimento ...

Proud Zionist
Toronto Jew blogging about national and international politics.

Politica Geral
Site de noticias gerais e de defesa de Israel

Yizreel's Garden
Shalom & Welcome You will find here(TRUTH) from Israel and elsewhere(not media biased). In addition, this site will now only carry Judaica,kosher,etc from Yizreel that has now been merged with Shekinah ...

Judaism, Sionism, Hasbara, Jewish culture,

J-Blog Spotlight
A Jewish blog that "spotlights" content from some of the most popular J-blogs on the blogosphere and other sources. We're highlighting the good stuff for you!

Mesillat Yesharim
O Caminho dos Justos, é na verdade "Um Atalho (Uma Maneira) e um Convite à elevação do homem ao Divino" - enviado a todos aqueles que com Temor e Amor verdadeiros servem à HaShem através do cumprimento ...

Conversations at the Dinner Table
The young members of our family blog about what interests them. You'll read about the kinds of things you'd likely hear if you were eating dinner with us.

Jewish Gipsy in Toronto or Whatever Happens, Happens for Good
A blog of Jewish Torontonian musing on life, Judaism, Jewish identity and much more.

Kosher Bride of The Upper East Side
Thoughts on being a recently married Jew on the upper east side. Tips on cooking, wedding planning, managing a budget and any other thoughts that come my way!

Foundation for Jewish Culture Blog
The blog of the Foundation for Jewish Culture, giving you exclusive news from grant recipients and keeping you in the loop on the latest in Jewish cultural happenings.

At JewishTale.com you can post and read Jewish articles. Enjoy Jewish creative writing which includes fictive and true stories, news, divrei Torah, Children's and more. There is also a forum where you ...

sultan knish
News and articles on the US, Israel, Islam and the War on Terror

Let my man go!
"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" said Einstein. When Sons of Israel have had it in Egypt, Moshe nicely asked Pharaoh to let his ...

Casa Akiva
Blogsite on Israel politics and judaism issues, from a rightwin point of view

Black Copter Media
The most unusual and conservative blog out there highly opinionated in content a must read for all, political satire at its best! Original art work and photography that augment the stories

Bar Mitzvahzilla
I started my blog in the summer of 2008 when I was in the crunch time of planning and preparing for my son's Bar Mitzvah, which was in September. He was getting a little high maintenance on me, becoming ...

The Political and Financial Markets Commentator
I write The Political and Financial Markets Commentator in order to bring my conservative opinions, thought and commentary to as wide a group of readers around the world as I can. I am Jewish, and as ...

Mitzvah a Day
Let's find out what the six Hundred and thirteen (613) Mitzvoth are in the Torah. We will start with those seventy seven (77) positive commandments and one hundred and ninety four (194) negative commandments ...