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A site designed for Orthodox Jewish men who are getting married. It\'s a behind the scenes look at a Jewish Wedding.

Keep Your Panties On!
A traditional Jewish girl and an exotic dancer explore their points of convergence and disagreement about relationships.

Israel Doula
The adventures of a birth doula in Jerusalem, Israel.

A Frum (Jewish) Twelve Stepper (12 steps) writes (using "meditation books" as an inspiration )about how she is continually reminded that "Hashem (G-d) is driving the bus",and about her efforts to "let ...

Stepping Off the Spaceship
I\'m always busy. I have a degree I use in ways I never imagined (none of them terribly traditional), a have a husband who gave up a military career for a number of reasons, I have 3 kids, I have tons ...

Neguev & me
on jews and jewish culture in general. Sometimes on affairs related to it, but not specifically clasified as jewish

Empyreum Cœlum
Fighting the leftist enablers of terror.

Ma Hamatzav
Ramblings and readings of Rabbi Aaron Spiegel

Ezekiel's Daughter
a blog by a sometime poet and prose writer in New Orleans; This started as a self-examination of how the books I read informed my life and what being Jewish means in my life

An Israeli interior design blog.

Jerusalem Defender: Jerusalem as a Human Right of the Jewish People
A blog dedicated to the concept of Jerusalem as a Human Right of the Jewish People from the perspective of the intrinsic bond between Judaic Freedom of Religion and their Holy City.

Know The Words!
An attempt to uplift our simcha experience by elightening the public with the words and meaning to many well (or, i guess, not so well)known Jewish simcha songs.

The Posthumous Luger
Primarily a collection of open letters and comments the site owner has composed.

Defense for Jews jailed wrongfully by our crappy "government"

Codor's little blog of jewish humor
New and old drawings from my life long career as a Jewish cartoonist in the US and Israel.

Just Don't Look Down
Trying to make sense of the everyday oddness and complexity of living in this global world.

This is a fantasy webcomic (webcomic just means a comic book that's distributed on the web) about Mirka, a troll-fighting, eleven-year-old, Orthodox Jewish girl and her family.

Magdeburger Joe
An eclectic mix of political commentary that is not easily categorised.

Frank Yehudi
The Epic Journal of an Angry Oleh: From The Dark Night of The Jewish Soul and Back Again

Writes Like She Talks
Politics, parenting, religion, Ohio, Cleveland, Judaism, journalism, education

Posts will include information about making “aliyah” (moving to Israel), Learning Hebrew, Self-Help Law, Judaism and the Middle-East.

thinking jewish
Jewish thoughts.

The Prestonian
Preston's pondecommunitys and pontifications about Jewish stuff, Israel stuff, and other stuff, too

Toronto Noahides Community - We are looking to expand locally. If you are a gentile and interested in the B'nei Noah Movement, you are welcome to contact us.

Becoming...my Jewish Blog
Becoming a more-observant Jewish woman. I have a very-beloved husband and four young kids; How it is affecting both my life and my viewpoint.

Frum But Not Aidel
30 something SJF

Writings on current issues, politics, people of color, religion, women and whatever I feel like at the moment.

Here, There, and Everywhere
My life and my adventures from California to Israel and everywhere in between.

Yeah That's Kosher
a kosher travel blog

Achas L'Maala V'sheva L'Matta
Official Blog for One Above and Seven Below -- Everything you always wanted to ASK about the Chareidim (but were afraid to KNOW)-- *** The Chareidi Response ***

Split The Sea
Get Successful! Advice for Better Dating, Relationships, and Marriage

The Reform Baal Teshuvah
After 15 years away from the Judaism I grew up with, I bought a Reform Chumash and read the Torah through. My own personal theology is derived from one very simple premise: Torah is a descriptive, not ...

ddeear: diary of a divorced ex-emotionally abused rebbetzin
In this blog, I attempt to deal with what it was like being married to an emotionally abusive rabbi (aka Rabbi Jekyll or RJ) and how it is affecting my life now, after the divorce

A blog that deals with all things Israel -- cultural, political, religious, as well as Judaism and our journey toward making aliyah

The Gottlieb Report
News and Political Analysis From an International Perspective

Don't Gel Too Soon
This blog deals with everything from an emerging life as an Observant Jew to parenting, politics, music, film and life in general.

Chef Jones' Adventures in Kosher Kookery
Recipes and photo extravaganza of kosher food.

LilaTov Cocktail ... only mildly incendiary
Northeast Ohio writer & techgeek mom talks about journalism, politics, the Jewish community, and families. Special focus on the areas where these topics intersect.

Ki Yachol Nuchal!
New olah; mom and wife. In small ways, every day, trying to rectify the error in judgement of my zaydies, the meraglim. "See these big grapes? We can make really big wine!"

The Eternal Emergence of Elad the Great
I am a newly religious Jew, going to yeshiva in Jerusalem. This blog is a chronicle of my experiences and insights as I go on this adventure.

Perfiles Sefarad פרופילים
Perfiles Sefarad. Blog del documental dirigido por Vered Kurlender y producido por Alan Nessim y Angel E. Pariente para La Sastrería Demente.

A Visible Voice
Poetry, Writing, Art by Linda H. Feinberg and Joe Smiga of Manchester, NH.

Jewish Singles Matchmaker
Jewish matchmaking services. Helping jewish singles find love.

Israel Chronicles
A chronicle of life in Israel, as written by a newly married girl living there.

Mother, Grandmother, Worker who arrived in Israel 41 years ago from the US looks around at her country and family.

Trip'n Up: A Working Mom's Torah Life with Triplets
An Orthodox, working mom's observations, stories, and musings on life with Triplets and a dog.

The Jewish Side
About Jewish life.

A Zionist's Perspective
This blog covers issues of interest to both American and Israeli Jews from a pro-Israel, Zionist perspective.

Halocho a Day
A Halocho a Day keeps the Soton away An interesting or topical Halocho most weekdays

Explocommunity Judaism
This blog is in memory of Rabbi Gabi and Rivka Holtzberg. The purpose is to promote Torah learning, discuss anything in Judaism and get answers to any question you might have in Judaism.