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The Jewish Community bcommunitys the Web's best Jewish sites together!

Jewish Archives
History, Archives, Old Synagogues, Early settlers in North America, & Much Much More

Jewish Bible and Halachic Studies using Linear Translations
Jewish Bible and Halachic texts presented in hebrew and english in a linear, side by side translation for ease of study.

Harrys Black Hole
Harrys Black Hole - also has jokes, music, food, sports, downloads, travel, chat and games!

Oy! Everything Jewish
Jewish everything featucommunity a free online Jewish Forum. Links to everything Jewish. From Jewish jokes to interfaith marriage, it's here. Also, great shopping values on loads of products at savings ...

Zlata Razdolina - Composer, Author and Performer
Zlata Razdolina's musical background and her orchestral work-Holocaust Requiem-to the poem by Itzhak Katzenelson and links to her compositions to Anna Akhmatova's and Nicolai Gumilyov's lyrics, and her ...

Holocaust Requiem/music: The Song of the Murdered Jewish People
Zlata Razdolina's orchestral work - Holocaust Requiem/music: 'The Song of the Murdered Jewish People' based on the poem by the Holocaust poet Itzhak Katzenelson.

Israeli Gift Ideas- Shop for Jewelry, Judaica ,greeting cards &more
Our Israeli site,which is located in Israel, offers Israeli products such as:{;}Judaica, Hebrew electronic dictionaries for Hebrew learners, jewelry, magnetic{;}greeting cards with Jewish themes, art, ...

The Nefesh Klezmer Band Web Site
This is the web site for the band, Nefesh.

Information about all things Jewish including genealogy links.{;}

Congregation Sons of Israel
The oldest Jewish Community in Cape Breton, NS, celebrates its 100th Anniversary in August 2001. Please visit.

JStamps by Murray Frost
Monthly column featucommunity depiction of Jewish history on stamps of the world.

Passover Funology
Passover resources including crafts, activities, recipes, e-cards, computer enhancements, history and related facts. All major and many minor holidays included. Non-holiday pages to follow.

I. L. Peretz Community Jewish School
We are a secular Jewish school that meets Sunday mornings from September to May in Somerset, New Jersey. Our curriculum emphasizes historical and cultural approaches to the study of our Jewishness. Classes ...

JewishLink/Jewish Healing and Spirituality
An online magazine for Jewish healing and spirituality, enabling healing from Jewish sources. Explore Jewish Healing and Spirituality with Wally Spiegler,RPP


The Genesis Site
Mathematical proof of Creation.{;}If this were promoted worldwide, it would elevate Judaism and Israel to a pre-eminent world position.{;}God is real.{;}Genesis Chp one verse one is TRUE.{;}

An Explanation of Prophecies Cited by Christians
Many Christians believe that such Biblical passages as Isaiah 53 and Daniel 9 foretold the coming of Jesus. Find out where they go wrong.

The Jewish Kidney & Transplant Support Center
Advice and Support for kidney and transplant patients.{;}Stories of Hashgacha Pratis,testimonies,a Tehillim list and a discussion board.{;}

Jeff Janning and Sidtrea Music
"American Jew CD, the Sgt. Pepper of Spiritual New Age Jewish Music. Progressive orchestrated contemporary pop rock with religious lyric. Reminiscent of Phil Spector's Wall of Sound."

Jewish Spirituality Network of Southwestern Ohio
The Jewish Spirituality Network of Southwestern Ohio (JSN for short) is comprised of affiliated and unaffiliated Jews seeking an "experiential" approach to spirituality. Although members are generally ...

The Lost Tribes of Israel Are NOT British
All evidences disavow Brit-Amís theories (fables). The Scriptures, archaeology, documented history, genetics and science are against the British-Israelism infection. Recommended site for those searching ...

Rosary meditations with references to Adam and Eve,the Trinity reflected in Nature,the Big Secret, the Nature of the Trinity,the Mass explained
This site has five articles,1)Reflections of the Trinity in Nature!!!,2)Nature of the Trinity,3)The Mass explained,4)The Big Secret and 5)Rosary meditations with references to Adam and Eve.

Sfas Emes
One homily a week from the Sfas Emes's discourses on the Torah in clear English.

Torah Liberation Front
Torah compliance is most rare in todays chaos and we wish to return to His will and true order. The Torah as given to Moshe is in force today as it was when given on Sinai.

Chef Jones' Kosher Kookery
Recipes and photos of food and dishes made 100% kosher!