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A community related to life on the JET Program.

My Mother is a Tractor
Less than six months after chucking in his management job to take up teaching Nicholas Klar finds himself on a plane to Japan - ending up as a JET in Omi in the far reaches of inaka Niigata prefecture. ...

Special Guest Gaijin
Reflections and information on my wonderful year in Yamaguchi-ken, Japan.

Statement of Agreement
One year of Japan. In pictures.

JETing in Kitakyushu
Oodles of stuff about the JET community and life in Kitakyushu City, with loads of teaching plans for you to unleash on your unsuspecting students!

A Little Snapshot of my Krazy Life in Japan
Come visit Furukawa, the 3rd largest city in Miyagi. Full of random thoughts, pics, and links regarding the JET Program and life in Japan.

Lynne's site: experiences of a JET
A personal site consisting primarily of a month-by-month account of two years on the JET Programme in Shiga-ken, Japan. Also contains assorted useful information for anyone planning a trip to Japan.

Getting it wrong in japan
Embarrasing tales of faux pas and alcohol from the only gay in the village (now of a=course a city) in Okayama.

The Funky Drummer
Well written with superb photos, this blog focuses on outdoor life in Japan; snowboarding, skiing, camping and hiking, plus all the general weirdness that a JET experiences. Updated weekly.

Livin' la Vida Takaoka
What started off as a story about two young, American college grads trying to get into JET has turned into the story of one JET and one non-JET Livin' La Vida Takaoka.