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For any anime sites out there - big and small, all are welcome... join now!

The Sailor Moon Temple, "Manga of the Moon"
The Sailor Moon Temple, "Manga of the Moon", is based on Naoko Takeuchi's beautiful manga! With pictures, profiles, chapter lists, rundowns, and more, this is a one stop shop for SM Manga!

Ketch's AnimePalace
Anime including sailor moon, pokemon, cardcaptor sakura, tenchi muyo, and gundam wing!

Have courage kari!
A new Hikari Shrine!

Sailor Star's Moon Page
Hi and welcome my name is Sailor Star. I'm also called Neo-Queen Serenity. This wed site is dedicated to Sailor Moon and all of her friends.

Has info on Berserk, Chobits, and Escaflowne soon to come... Now Open!

Haruka's Anime Fan Fiction
This is a small but rapidly growing site with anime fan fictions from a variety of anime series. If you're looking for some well-written anime from your favorite series, or even want to have one of your ...

Asuka Heaven
A shrine dedicated to the goddess Asuka Langley Sohryu, includes images, info, media, etc...

My site contains your favorite anime!

Escaflowne On Cloud 9
A site about Escaflowne. Sports a large gallery, a humour page, character bios, and much more. (No thumbnails at this site, sorry. Slow browsers be warned!)

Dilandau Sama
A shrine to Dilandau. Pictures and lots more!

Realm of Anime
My site has some pictures. Brief descriptions of various anime series and lyrics to Revolutionary Girl Utena, Battle Athletes, Chobits, and other naime coming soon. I am still working hard on this site, ...

Three O' Clock Fairy
A SailorMoon Super S: The Movie site, with Peruru,ChibiMoon, humor, and the SuperS tv season all this in one!

A fang-boy and the wandecommunity monk
FY homepage

Rocket Ruckus
Team Rocket Art and stories, as well as some other stuff

Dedicated to the appreciation of anime manga artforms, this website includes many cool features such as TUTORIALS, PICTURES, LINKS, GALLERIES, EVA PAGES, and loads more! Plus you can have a whole page ...

Myung's Dragonball Frenzy
Myung's homepage

anime anx
This site has information and pictures on various anime plus the author's personal fanarts.

Crazy_oreos Anime Site
A small anime site run by a small staff strung toegether by our webmaster. We feature not alot of animes because most of the staff live in wetern canada where you don't get too many.

jeff's anime house
a site for all anime fans pics gifs and more to come

This is another shrine to Kari! All the info about her is right here!

Nankaimo: Time and Time Again
A shrine devoted to Setsuna Meiou of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon

Ryoko's Layer
My site is totally dedicated to the prettiest demon and anime character, Ryoko!

Ryoko's Sakura-Doki
Site about Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo!

SCAS: Sats Craptastic Anime Site
An anime resource on DBZ, Gundam Wing, Escaflowne and Neon Genesis Evangelion. with loads of pics, vids and detailed info on animes. this is a site for ture anime and manga fans

mainly a graphics site but i do have reviews that i make on my own and i am an otaku n_n