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A Community for all Jennifers, Jennys, Jennis, Jennies, Jenns, Jens, Guiniveres (not Gwen, different derivative), Genevieves or Sinéads.

Jen's Path
A Jen site, what else is there?

Musings of a Slightly Mad Housewife
Boredom + small children = insanity! Watch the brain of the incomparable ShadowAngel (a Jennifer, of course!)slowly turn into mush as she deals with the fun and frolic of being a stay-at-hom mom. Includes ...

Jenne's Tchotchke
Just a site about me and some interesting links.

A collection of topics dear to my heart like Elder Abuse Prevention, English mastiffs, shy dogs, exercise, and gardening.

chez smartygirl
a comprehensive guide to the arts & culture scene, within a cheesey vanity page featucommunity recipes, pictures, and a family tree.

Sandy Eggo
A little ditty about my life as a SAHM of two little ones and a hubby in the military

written words
just the muses of a single mom named jennifer...

Jens Galore
Innumerable Jennifers in this world, but only one me.

Jenerally Speaking
The ramblings of a twenty something girl named Jennifer, in the not so big city.

One woman's journaled journey through the spots of life!