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This is the RPG Community! Do you have an rpg and need players? Then you can join the community! You can also look for new rpgs to join. The rpgs can be about anything. Musicals, movies, fantasy, whatever.

Moonlight Kitties RPG
This is a little rpg with several games to play. Sill many characters available!

Jellicle Dream
A fun cats RPG. Fairly new and not many have joined, but the only way it will be bigger is if people join!

Cielo y Infierno
This is an RPG about Angels and Demons and Humans. The story starts in 2005. Well, I don't know what's going to happen, so I can't write much here. You need to register at www.livejournal.com to j ...

Naruto: Advent Generation
In this Naruto rpg you play as a ninja and roleplay your way through life. Come check it out!

Arach Eyrie
dragons. dragons and more dragons. If you like to role play dragons, come join us in the fun.

Path of the Shinobi
This is an up and coming, brand new rpg based on the Naruto Universe. Members can not only create their own characters to be included in an expertly written story, but also have a wide variety of roleplaying ...

Time of the Equestdorian
An unique fantasy bonding rpg set in the time of war. Originals are welcome and loved!

Kingdom of Fenn
The Kingdom of Fenn was created by magic, protected by magic. For the past forty years, due to civil war between a vain Queen and a Prince who is too involved with his fiancee's mysterious sleeping sickness, ...

Out There -- General RPGs
0ut There is a general role playing game forum. There are boards for fantasy, science fiction, horror, and other genres. There aren't a whole lot of rules or restrictions -- good grammar, no god-modding, ...

Battlestar Xanthi
The Colonies have fallen, but the Battlestar Xanthi has risen once more.... ....Lead by Commander Gaius Nash, her brave crew is carving out a new civilization out of the ashes.... Named after the man ...