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This community goes throughtout all of Jember's Role-Play Games, wether its Star Trek, CSI, or anything else.

Task Force Shadow
Task Force Shadow, a Unit created to tour the Gamma and Delta Quadrants. But something more could be at play. Rumors of Section 31's involvement swhirl around the Task Force's CO Sara Matthews. Could others ...

Jember Sims
Jember Sims is home to over four sims. We are a non-profit organization commited to our sims. We also want to help find the cure for cancer you can find out more on our Work for the Cure Campagin Page. ...

16th Division
16th Division is located on a border planet of the Gamma and Delta Quadrant. Gaea (Gaia), is key to the border's defense. The 16th Division makes home at Fort Phoenix Gryphon, comprised of Star Force, ...

Valley Forge
Star Trek: Valley Forge, a secret revolution has sparked, the Marqui's aren't the only rebels in town. Plans are being made to over throw Starfleet, join Valley Forge today and join the secret group of ...

Federation Era's
Federation Era's is a new type of Sim. Here you may choose which Era you are in: TOS, TNG, DS9 etc. We are also willing to let you be other than just Starfleet, like Klingon, Romulan, Hydran and so forth. ...

American Cancer Society: Work for the cure
This is to help make people aware of cancer, not to fear it but to help find a cure.

A small online game for kids full of questions and answers.