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This is the msn spaces community. This community designed to help get traffic to your space. Guidelines: You must show the community on your space(either in the normal way or putting the links in a custom list) Please only MSN spaces allowed on this community. Thnx: Ironman420

A.K.A's Fan Site: We Love You Guys
I "space" a fan site really for an amazing Vancouver Band.

~katrine's space2~
Come visit my space!

~katrines space~
Welcome to my space! You may read my space both in Norwegian and english.

In A State Of Trance
Major music buff trance me up, bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Cat' DL
A fun site! Humor, blogs, games,Quotes, romance, lists, links, Graffiti Wall, guestbook. Drop by and read and play awhile. Let me know what questions you'd like to see asked, what content you value. Let's ...

вυттєяfℓу кιѕѕєѕ εїз
Butterfly Kisses The whole world's wild at heart and weird on top.

Life Through My Eyes
It's mostly a military site mixed with a little bit of me. I talk about a little of everything. :)) I just want to make a positive change.

~*wolverhampton wanderers fc till i die*~
funky black and pink site full of poems and inspirational stuff! dedicated to girls who have been ~heartbroken~ *must see*


Exquisitegifts by Pauline
Jokes, articles of interest, family matters, health and general things like that

my little corner of the web
Its really great fun. Jokes, pics, photos, tests and links

cori land
my site is just a place that i like to do stupid rants about generally stupid things, people tend to find it humourous, and it also is a place i post a heckload of pictures.

my little wolrd

๑۩۞۩๑ Euphoria ๑۩۞۩๑
This is my site...you will find great stuff to read, includes paranormal links etc !

~ εїз ραуℓαşмαуı вιℓмєк gєяєк εїз ~
i like collection of cute pics and gifs for a long time. now i share them. also in my language i share everything about msn space that i know.

MSN Spaces Community
One Community to rule them all, One Community to find them, One Community to bcommunity them all, And in Friendship bind them...

Je voudrais une baguette avec fromage et jambon
A heap of random banter

They All Suck
A site that really sucks!

helpful hints and tips about art

We Are Women
A blog site for women of all colours, ages, shapes and cultures to come and get the latest in fashion tips, advice and make friends

Dave's Not Here
I love hockey and have a great sense of humor. So you'll find alot of jokes, funny pictures and videos.

кαт'ѕ ρℓαє
cool with lots of different pics and blogs for everyone, links to other spaces and websites, very nice to look at

_tHe DaRk fAeRiE_
Just random stuff all put together to stop the boredom :)

the crash zone
just a place that i call my own!!!!!

Here's my dilly yo
just me, my days, my trials, and my journeys, links to fun sites, and other great msn spaces. amateur photographer, student, writer,