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Sites devoted to Celtic mythology, folklore, legends and ghosts are welcome to join!

Irish Country Graphics
Beautiful websets and graphics that reflect the rich history, legends and folklore of the Irish culture ~ Come on over for a visit....

Monaghans of Donegal
Great resources for Irish and Irish-Americans

The Celtic Bookshop
Celtic mysteries woven within the mythology, legend and folklore of the Celtic cultures ~ Come on over for a great read....

Ancient Ireland
Great resources about Ancient Ireland

Irish-American Page
Great resources for Irish-Americans including searchable databases

Stone Circles in Britain
Stone Circles and Other Ancient Remains. Who built them? Why? What is the connection with the Druids? A partial list of sites visited by the author, with photographs.

Ravenscroft Castle is the virtual home of New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Brandewyne. A tour of the castle, grounds, and village provides complete information on all of Rebecca's new and upcoming ...

Morrígan Net
Virtual Home of Danielle Ní Dhighe.

Earth Mysteries & Sacred Site Tours
Earth Mysteries & Sacred Site Tours to Celtic countries including Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany in France & England. Explore celtic mythology, sacred & ancient sites, mythology & history's ...

Odin's Castle of Dreams & Legends
An Archive of History and Historical Resources. From the Dawn of Mankind to the Space Age and everything in between. Including mythology, folklore, legends, celtic, King Arthur, Robin Hood, maritime, ...

King Arthur
A fascinating period in European history: The crumbling of the{;}Roman Empire and the End of Civilization as They Knew It. Those who fought against the falling of the dark.

Uncovecommunity Amethyst, a magical Celtic mystery
Home of novelist Barbra Annino and Uncovecommunity Amethyst- a novel of mystery, pagans, and Celtic ancestry.

King Arthur and the Creed of the Ancient Druids
An investigation into the Old Religion of Britain, supporting its belief in reincarnation. Clues from Welsh mythology, Irish myth and legend, Norse saga and poetry, archaeology, the Eleusinian Mysteries ...