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Information and instruction on Astrology and charting service. Free Chart of the Month

P. James Clark, Astrologer
This site features a large archive of astrological information, mostly classical and archetypal in nature. There is a chart service, classes offered, a page of links to free downloads and a forum. Services ...

Indigo Ray Astrology Inquiry
This site instructs and informs on the common western astrology practice. Free Lessons and Free Chart of the month. Charting service for a fee

Anyara - aphorisms in the light of astrology
{;}{;}Quotations on astrology, beauty, genius, God, happiness, love, women and other subjects - Quote Zodiac - Quizzes - Quote profiles - Quotations identified by the horoscope sign of the author - and ...

The Hearth
Owner site dedicated to the Goddess Brighid. The site includes bookstore and information on nature spirituality.

The Covenant
Owner site dedicated to the Nature Spirituality and Animal Rights. The site includes bookstore and information on nature spirituality.

Terra Mir Bookstore
Owner site bookstore outlining the various interests of the owners. Attention Deficit Disorder to Computer Graphics

A Flight Above Venus
Western Astrology has been very lacking in the feminine. The only two bodies seen as female are Moon and Venus, all the rest, in traditional astrology, are male deities. I choose to include the four major ...

Feline Friends
Owner site about felines in their life. Site includes recommended books for felines and included of course is the cat horoscope.{;}

Custom Astro Charts & Psychic Advice
There are many different kinds of Astrology in this vast world we live in. Different cultures, where you learned, who taught you, what’s going on in your world. These are all factors in the way Astrologers ...