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Just a small mini-shrine created to forever remember Invader Zim. Fanart, fanfics, and opionions! Come visit us, fellow fan!

[Official Irken Army Website]
Just another website...

>>The Planet of Broken Glass or SOMETHING<<
i huge i.z. site{;}

Ground Xero V6
This Is my glorious site of doom and tribute to Jhonen Vasquez, includeing the allmights Invader Zim, Jhonny the Homicidal Maniac and I feel Sick.

My Invader Zim Page
A small dedication page I created at the age of 12. Not the best, but still fun!

This site is devoted to Dib. It has dib images, pics almost everything.

Tallest Clears Realm
Invader Zim files for anyone using RPGMaker2000, Characters, Vehicle, Faces{;}These are my own work! but you can use them cause um..I'm nice and stuff...Yeah...

Operation Impending Doom II
Oh NO IT CANT BE!!!...... ZIM!!!

Kree and Dib's Lair of Alien's (Or just Invader Zim)
My lair includes pictures, profiles, episode summaries, quotes, character test, fanfics, contests, merchandise page, and more! Scripts coming soon! More and more come!

All about that little fireball of an alien, Zim!

Anata's Artwork (Invader Zim)
A page for the Invader Zim art of AnataofIrk!

Invader Zim Fan Site ;)
lots of pics more to come and soon a chat room and a doodle pad ... soon to come

For Invader zim fans
A site with lots of soundfiles and pics, and a lot of other stuff like guestbooks,chat room,polls, and a message board

Unleashing Screaming Temporal Doom
From the webmaster of For Invader Zim Fans,comes Unleashing Screaming Temporal Doom. It has tons of images, a few soundfiles,chat room,messege board,and other thing, one neat thing about the chat is that ...

My Invader Zim FanArt Web Thing
A site for my fan art

Quite possibly the best Invader Zim site out there...at least it will be one day soon. Clean, lemony fresh victory will be mine!

Invasion on Earth...Enter the Irkens!
Not much yet...but there will soon be more as the ideas come! Bwahahahahahahahahahaha! Now, if only I had a WORKING scanner...

Mostly fanart. And other stuff.

Dib's Corner
Join the fight for Earth's freedom, or maybe just browse through our stuff. Either way, you'll find tons of information and stuff to do. The most complete Invader Zim site, EVER!

Human Scum!
Welcome HUMAN SCUM to the Invader ZIM fan site! Updated often, this site will take any sort of obsessive work you have created and will post it up! ALL HAIL JHONEN VASQUEZ!!! ::bows before him::

Prepare for horrabel, stick, gooie, death
i will poke you with a large stick with cheese that smells realy, realy, bad if you do not give up your underware.{;}.mov + .wav + pic's + all sorts of bunnies

The Nougat-Filled Jhonen Shrine
I'm going to have pics, my fanart, and stuff about JTHM, Squee, Jhonen, etc. I promise to update a lot, k? It'll have a cool layout soooon.

~~~~**InvaderMissy's Underground Lair!**~~~~
The site has Invader ZIM Fan Art, Comics, and much MORE!! (Mostly Invader ZIM Fan characters)

Invader Zim's Lair
This site has lots of stuff! You should look at it 'cause it's special and junk! So look at it!

Lots of pictures of obscure characters, Tons of fan art, and linked to JTHM, too!

Welcome to Conventia, the Convention Hall Planet
Please remember to visit the gift shop, for all kinds of cheap, useless stuff. If you're here for the great assigning, sign the guestbook and proceed!

Invader Zim Page
A cute little site, but amateur, nothing big.

Zim's Realm

Niz's Very Small Tallest Red Shrine
A microscopic shrine to the wonderful Tallest Red. Why? Because I love him! MWAHAHAHA! And I'll add all my many fanart as soon as someone buys me a scanner.

Invader Zim
A great Invader Zim site with a page for each Characters. Has many downloads and games!

Planet Irk
Has stuff about invader zim.

Tallest Ztar
Enter the Hovecommunity Space Station of Doominess that Tallest Ztar is captain of! Witness her take over the Milky Way galaxy! BWAHAHAHAHAAA!

A fan site for invader zim with episode guide, photos, etc.

The Invasion is Coming!
Fan Fiction, links to other I.Z fan sites etc.

Deadly Waves of Stupidness

The Invader Zim Shrine
it is a well put together message board

Invaderfreaks's Gir&Zim Fansite
A site with a bit o' material rocking layout and All the info on the new zim dvd

A great site with fan art, audio/video, wallpapres screen savers, chat room, links, and more

I'm Exploding!
My personal site, with a crapload of goo... MISSION GOO!

Earth is dooooooooooooomed!!!!!!!
The ultimate Invader Zim fan site! It has pictures, wallpapers, screensavers, and most importantly Invader Zim episode torrents!!!!

Another Invader Zim Site
We've got chats, Fan-art, Characters, Episodes, news about upcoming events, screenshots, music, and lots more all things Invader Zim!

The Relm Of Doc & Jac
A neat website full of cool downloads incuding: Invader Zim, The Nightmare Before X-mas and much more!

Reign of Zimmy Doom
Zim shall rule!! Welcome to the fanfics and fanart of DOOM! The world is finally being taken over and Zim finally has his chance to reign doom upon Earth people's heads! It will be awsome!


A fan site decited to both Invader Zim and Fairly Odd Parents. Lots of random info.

Invader ZIM Fans, Unite!
An ACTIVE website that's getting updated every week. Mostly about GIR, but...who DOESN'T love that little guy?

Veex's Board of Zimmy Doom
Veex's Board of Zimmy Doom is a fansite of Jhonen Vasquez creations, and Easrthworm Jim. This site contains is based on, and contains members of the former site of [Buzzy's Jim and Zim Board]buzzyworl ...

Walk of Doom - The Irken Invasion
Inspired by the mind of Jhonen Vasquez and his astounding creations, comes a superior RPG forum. Walk of Doom - The Irken Invasion Become an Invader, Irken or other. Join The Resisty. Go to Skool. Face ...

The Zim Invaders
I'am not going to tell you about this awsome site you have to check out it for your self (Aug 13th 2008)

IZRBoD (Invader Zim's Radio Broadcast of DOOM!!!)
This is a broadcast from Irk (not really) We play Invader Zim Music (and other specialz) 24/7!!! This is a new site (for 2009). LISTEN TO US NOW!!!! (we got nachos!!!) There is many more extra thingies ...