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Click Member link to see site in tvA Quiet Rain
A good ol' Inuyasha shrine.

Power of three
This site is always under contructions for better stuff. I don't think there will be any broken links.

Inuyasha RPG
This is the 1# Inuyasha RPG and other site. I am currently making an Inuyasha Game.We will have alot more gifs and pics soon.

Forever Waiting
A Inuyasha and Kikyou shrine. All about well Inuaysha and Kikyou ^_^. i haev photos, Character bios and much more

A fan site that is constantly getting larger. Probably the ONLY place to adopt sprites of Inuyasha eating dirt.

Petit Miko
es un sitio en español sobre Inuyasha-tachi! tiene multimedia, midis, proximamente, videos y mp3's!

High School Life
A combined site for DBZ and IY, two of the best anime show out there!

Just Because...A Shrine to Kikyo and Inuyasha
A site dedicated to Kikyo and Inuyasha's romance.

Youkai Sanctuary
Devoted to the lovable -ahem- hanyou Inuyasha with Images, Humor, Character info, and more!

Crazy and Complicated
It's my little Inuyasha site where I tried to put as much info as I can. Contains the basic storyline, a few Inuyasha pictures, a growing fanfiction section, and more!

InuYashas New Moon
a place to get basic inuyasha inof and some pic, but still maybe under con. due to me having to study for the end of the year test.

Inuyasha Oswari
sito su inuyasha ancora in costruzione, ma presto sarà ricco di notizie su questo fantastico manga anime!

Lodged Arrow
A site dedicated to Inuyasha himself. Extensive information along with images, fanart and fanfiction.

Lecherous Monks Anonymous
Praising Miroku for his infinite manliness.

Inuyasha: It's just that simple...
Has information on characters, an episode guide, fan art, chat, and much more!{;}Initial layout started and completed July 10, 2003. Site may not yet be completed as of yet.

Love Tunnel
Erm... yep, another shrine dedicated to the hot and humorous monk, Miroku ^^ Here you can find pictures, info, and other stuffs... after it's been put up... currently under alot of construction, but you ...

A Sesshoumaru site...

Reign of Darkness
Hello,{;}So, this is a an RPG that I started a few days ago, so in September 2003, and we desperately need more players. A lot of the inuyasha characters are still open if you wish to play them, and original ...

Inu-Youkai v2.0
A New Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru fan site. Has almost everything:-)

Fictionize Anime
A site to host all fanfiction. Go and submit, no one will be declined! ^^

Hey everyone!! Well my site is still new but there will be images, character profiles,season summaries, and much more. The site is coming along really well and will be finished in no time!! So stop by ...

InuYasha Insomnia
Makel-chan's InuYasha Fansite with basic Info and fun things to read and do.

B-chan's Domain
This site includes anime titles such as Ranma, Inu Yasha, Rurouni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho, etc. Has great links and a image gallery!

shizuka manganime
une page sur inuyasha au sein d'un site généraliste sur les manga : description des personnages, plein d'images, paroles de chanson, sondage, articles...

Tete - Where Dreams Come True
Tete - where dreams come true a typical fan site group bio's, gallery, fan art, sell's, and I have just put in a fanfiction section. Come and join, every type welcome. There's much more on the site so ...

Althena and Inuyasha's Realm of Humor
Tired of looking at sites that has the same? Well welcome to my realm out realm. Where insanaty ruled, and that's why we are here! We have Inuyasha MSTs (If you don't know what that is prepare to find ...

Feather on the Moon
An in depth shrine to the Sesshoumaru/Kagura paicommunity. Information, images, fanworks, etc...

Mistress RinRin's Domain
Site has InuYasha cosplay info, conventions info and InuYasha related pictures, fanfics, links and more!

Inu Yasha : Four Souls
Everything Inu Yasha!!!!!

Itazurana Kiss
An Inuyasha webclique - supporting Inuyasha & Kagome's first kiss (Movie 2)

>> Inuyasha. the website
An Inuyasha fansite. Includes information on the anime, pictures, episode guides, buddy icons, MIDIs, and much more!

Kcook220's Fanfics
A site where I host my fanfiction and other Inuyasha related things.

Urd-chan's Inuyasha Page
A fan site dedicated to the series Inuyasha. In addition to a large selection of music MP3's to download, there are galleries (both active and planned).

a mini-shrine dedicated to the couple inuyasha and kagome... has pictures, wallpapers, bios and more! all inuyasha fans are welcome here. a place worthy to check out for all the inu/kag lovers out the ...

The Complete Inu Yasha
"What's the Complete Inu Yasha?" you ask. Well in short,everything. Acedentally deleted your fav Inu Yasha pic? NO prob you can probably find it here! Just really bored and just want something to do? No ...

Reincarnation is an very large InuYasha RPG on Invision. It is open to everyone, no matter what the age, name, gender, race, religion, and so on. Everyone at this InuYasha RPG is very friendly and we all ...

§ SuperhumanChichi's Dark Anime' Palace §
SuperhumanChichi's Dark Anime' Palace includes pictures from Avatar, Cardcaptors, Digimon, Dragonball Z, Escaflowne, Gundam Wing, Inuyasha, Megaman NT Warrior, Rurouni Kenshin, Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo, ...

Western Lands
A shrine dedicated to the Demon Lord, Sesshomaru. Has now Info, Quotes, Relationships about Sesshomaru. More coming soon.

Inuyasha Screenshots Gallery
Screenhots from the anime! Episode wise! Currently counting 8000 screenshots and growing!

Inuyasha RPG
Our site is Inuyasha role playing site where you can role play as your favorite character and interact with other fans. We have tons of characters available. Come and join us.

Bakka Team
La Team de scantrad sur Inu Yasha. Mais aussi des gifs, des wallpapers, des Avatars, des Ost, des Jeux, des Thèmes pour mobiles... toujours sur Inuyasha.

Join, Fanfiction, Fanart, Shrines
Join, fanfiction, fanart, shrines.

Watch Every Episode Of InuYasha Ever Made
Watch every single episode of the hit anime InuYasha that was ever made. All episodes are ordered and numbered

Eternal Destiny :: Let Forever Begin
A Fan-Fiction and Fanart Community Exclusively Dedicated to InuYasha & Kagome of InuYasha.

The Boiler Room :: Turn Up the Heat.
A Fan-Fiction and Fanart Community Exclusively Dedicated to InuYasha Yaoi.