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A community for all sites that fall under the Inuyasha anime/manga series to join. Fanfiction, fanart, and shrines are welcome!

InuYasha Message Boards
The InuYasha Message Boards are a great place to relax and talk about InuYasha, other animes, and shows aired on [adult swim]. Registration is free and easy! Hundreds of friendly members and teen chat ...

Access Inuyasha
A new site that I will update every once in a while. Made with Freewebs, so don't expect much.... Has a forum and some background wallpapers.

Chichiko's Inuyasha community
This is another Inuyasha community... nobody has noticed it yet so I thought I'd try adding it to another community... maybe this'll work..

Bellflower Tears
The Official Kikyou Doujinshi Fanlisting. Soon games, marry a Inuyasha character, romances, awards, avatars and other sections will be open. For now there's music, polls, and spells. Be sure to check back! ...

Journey Of A Life Time
Small site, just started. Completely Inuyasha related. If you would like to submit anything I would be very happy.

Through the Wishing Well
Big Inuyasha fan? Love Cowboy Bebop and Witch Hunter Robin? This is the site for you! Features fanfic, art, links, and more! Submissions welcome!

Inuyasha Fans
It's a place were I post some news on on Inuyasha, Have IAM icons and ext. Its manly a one way site. But I'm trying to make it a more intractive site, were people an RP, Chat, Fanrt section.

Kikouyou's Web
Un site sur Inuyasha et ses amis. Avec des images, des infos sur Rumiko Takahashi, les personnages, les voix d'Inuyasha, les chanteurs et groupes j-pop des génériques audio de la série et des musiques ...

Inuyasha's Domain
This site is my little waste of webspace! hehe not really its pretty cool! im riku your host of Inuyasha's Domain i have some cool backround music and cool linkage and links to my girlfriends sites and ...

The Shikon Jewl- Inuyasha Shrine
A fan site made by a true fan.

Inuyasha: Secrets
Inuyasha fan-related site. Fanart, fanfiction, links, soon to be contests and more to come.

Shingetsu no Yoru
Shingetsu no Yoru, Night of the New Moon, Fujifunmum's Inu Yasha fanfiction archive. Lots of lemony goodness and other IY fanfics, plus quotes, information, art, fanart and nifty IY stuff.

Eternal Anime
Home of Inuyasha pictures and other things! Come and take a look, be sure to e-mail suggestions for extra things as well as e-mail any pics you want put up and fan art/fictions too!

Planet Hanyou
Welocme to Planet Hanyou... mp3,fanfics,fanart, pictures....

Feelings that Transcend Time: An I/K Shrine
The FtTT Shrine is dedicated to Inuyasha and Kagome's relationship. There's plenty to do and see, with music downloads, quizzes, image galleries, and plenty more. :)

Left Behind: Ginta and Hakkaku
A site dedicated to Ginta and Hakkaku, Kouga's too loyal - if not a little cowardly - companions.

Eien Bankotsu!
Hi there~ This is my site, Eien Bankotsu! Bankotsu, as you all know, is the leader of the Shichinintai. When i first saw him on screen, I immediately went on the net to go find a site on him. But there ...

Into the Well
Italian site about Inuyasha. Rich image animation and movies galleries , download section, lyrics of japanese openings and endings, and much more! Follow Kagome Into the Well!

Puppy Prints
Tired of the same old bocommunity sites? well this is a bit different! We don't have the same basic InuYasha info! We have InuYasha jokes, cute little adoptables, pictures, and more! Please come for ...

Rogue Priest: The Miroku Fanlisting
The official unofficial fanlisting for the monk with the busy hands, Miroku. Done in conjunction with TheFanlistings.org.

.::Paige's Inuyasha::.
A shrine to the geart Lord Inuyasha with fanfics, fanart, mp3 downloads, and more.

Forest of InuYasha
This is yet another site dedicated to InuYasha. (( I want to know if the people want me to make a Sesshomaru half of the web site)

.:chocolate kisses:.
Home of the epic-length story, School Daze. There is also various other fanfics on this page related to Inuyasha, and there will soon be fanart.

Japanese Dreams
Links to lots of anime websites and anime/manga pictures. Also biographys of lots of anime/manga characters.

Simple Minded
A(*un-dubie*)Inuyasha Shrine, from a Inuyasha obsessor for the Inuyasha obsessors ^^-