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the first community in web dedicated to Inuyasha, the new masterpiece of takahashi Rumiko (the autor of Ranma, Maison Ikkoku, Lum, ecc ecc){;}If you have an Inuyasha site, please, JOIN!

Inu-Yasha's Forest
All about the anime Inuyasha. We have information, pictures, character information, fanart, fanfics, and even a guild. This site is just starting, but it will grow.

Ray-chan's Domain
An Inuyasha fansite of original Inuyasha illustrations.

P-Chan's Inu Yasha Page
General information on Inu Yasha. Contains manga scans, colour images, character information.

Inuyasha World
Welcome to Inuyasha world! I have alot of things from Pictures to Bios. Soon I will be be adding full episodes subbed! Keep checking in at my site for I try to update weekly!

TokyoCats Anime Planet
TokyoCats Anime Planet Has Information on how to get Inu-Yasha products world wide, and up and coming information on the Anime newly released in Japan

All-Purpose Miroku Shrine
The all purpose shrine for the most lovable letcherous monk, Miroku!

Celestial Inu-yasha Fanfiction
Inu-yasha fanfiction archive with profiles for characters, images, and links.

Meguru meguru toki no naka de
pieno di download e di immagini aggornato sempre...

Miroku's Staff
I just started so I don't have much yet but I have a hole bunch of ideas so It wouln't stay the same for long! :)

The Hero in the 21st Century
"Don't cry, Kagome," Inuyasha said. "I'll come find you in your realm." And then he died. But he came and found her anyway. On-line Inuyasha doujinshi, plus color pictures, miscellaneous humor.

Power of three
This site is always under construction but mostof it is up. We will be adding things whenever we can. Inuyasha is the main anime/manga and it is cool.

Shan-Chan's Shrine of Inu-Yasha Insanity
Dontcha just love those "fun" sections on everyone's site? Well, this site's like a big ole version of that! If looking for sane, normal Inuyasha site, look elsewhere. This shrine refuses to take itself ...

High School Life
Ammy and Megami-sama's website dedicated to DBZ and Inu-Yasha. Many things to do here. More stuff added each week!

The Inu-yasha fan page
My site has many different animes on it and is mainly dedicated to Inu-yasha and Gundam Wing. It has pics and many other things that may amuse most people.I am working on Sounds and Clips.(hopefully)---Mika ...

A Quiet Rain
An Inuyasha Shrine. 'Nuff Said.

Dreamer's Isle
A site filled with original stories created by me, pictures both original and Anime, Home of Inuyasha's Sacred Tree and the location of the Inuyasha Fanfiction Club of Doom!

Inuyasha Oswari
sito ancora in costruzione su inuyasha ma presto sarÓ ricco di notizie!

Tailweaver's Chronicles
A fanfiction-only site with a nice, big, fast-growing Inuyasha fic and some pictures. Come on in!

A small page for Inu Yasha. The site includes some fanfics, links and manga info. Note, it's not my homepage.

Love Them Ears
A shrine deticated to InuYasha's ears! There's a gallery, fan art, a game, an up to date releases page, and InuYasha news page. Come check it out if you truly love them ears!

Mon-chan's Inuyasha Page
A Inuyasha page that includes Kagome's info on main characters, Inuyasha's thoughts on other characters, Shippo's quotes, Kouga's jokes, and more!

Lin Lee's Fanfics
Ranma 1/2 & Inuyasha fanfiction

A Shrine to Inu Yasha
A collection of Images, Information, Fanart and soon fanfiction.

Release The Demon
My site is still under heavy construction, but I suppose it always will be since I don't plan on abandoning it. I will have lot's of cool stuff up...if I can get it promoted and squarely in the middle ...

Bunny Nami's Homepage
It contains a Inu Yasha and Miroku's Gallery!