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This community is for those who have web published art, literature and online series and to promote their work to the internet community at large. If you have this kind of website, you should join!

Poltergeist: The Legacy Casefiles
House and personal cases of the Legacy team, a secret organization that protects mankind from evil

Xander Riley - A Website with Attitude!
Xander Riley's portfolio of writing, links to various writing resources, and more. Portfolio includes short stories and poetry - also, partial novels (password protected for members only).

The Life & Times of Matthew Lubin
Containing the original art and writing of Matthew Lubin.{;}

{;}It is about my struggles with my own personal demons, acceptance of the world as it is, and the search for love...

Corner Poetry
A Poetic journey. Visit the Host's corner as well as his friends and many other great and fantastic poets. Also countless links to other poetry web sites!

The House of William

La Página Personal de Gustavo Villagrán
Gustavo Villagrán toma contacto con sus lectores , divulga su obra y presenta su última novela "Los Jardines de Andrómeda"

The Phoenix
An online community of writers of all levels or expertise, from the novice to the experienced writer. Featucommunity the following Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, General, Horror, Mystery/Crime, Romance, and ...

Timeless Treasures
Soulful Expression{;}

James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door
James S. Huggins is a professional speaker, author & technologist. With more than 30 years of experience, he writes and speaks about technology & its social impacts, sprinkled with humor and motivation. ...

Thran Keep
The repository for the writings past, present, and future of H. David Blalock{;}

T. M. Gray, horror writer
Maine's maven of macabre, author T. M. Gray! Features links to published stories, articles, reviews, 'Feast of Faust' slideshow, bio, dark poetry, art and much more. Updates often. Come on in and tap a ...

lullabytes & memories
footprints on the soul{;}

Jayne's Poetry Corner
Self written poetry displaying realism and fantasy.{;}

Off of the Blue Highways in My Mind
Just a place for my attempts at poetry such as it is, and those issues of importance (many which have inspired those things I write), including a Native American Holiday, why the Dine'h shouldn't be relocated, ...

Poltergeist; The Legacy AU Fanfic
a collection of fics set in an alternate reality of Poltergeist; The Legacy. Same characters with different paths. What if Julia was back? What if Derek was hiding how he felt about someone, thinking ...

Once Upon A Paper...
Wolfie and I came up with the idea for our site and the forum as a way to motivate eachother (and others like us) to write. What we've succeeded in doing is creating a place that bcommunitys writers of ...

The Twins' Web Site
Contains fiction for Highlander, Kindred, Friends, Poltergeist:TL, Invisible man and more. Also hosts Highlander the Fanfic season (complete) and a Champions/Sentinel xover challenge for any writers who ...

Regina's Lair: The Smile of The Tiger
The Lair is an oasis for the weary web traveller. Come and refresh yourself with the original poetry and artwork of Silkie deWinter. Also: postcards, eclectica.

Entrance to online chapbooks and ezines (edited) by C. E. Laine. Included are ALLEGORY (chapbook) and ezines such as the interactive PAINTED POETRY, as well as EROSHA, THE ECLIPSE, and VERSE LIBRE QUARTERLY. ...

The Dreams of Lady Kree
My site is full of many rooms of interest. My short story and poetry writings, graphics for your web site, meeting me and my family, quilts, Americanism and so much more. Please stop by and visit my ...

Everything for the reader and writer!{;}

Tales from the Billabong
Take a seat by the bank of our Billabong. Let us tell you about Australia, it's stories, landscapes and animals, through games and interactive stories.

Unicorn Fantasies
This site house over 400 pictures of unicorns, as well as my novels, short stories, and poetry. The site for the Denton Writers league can also be found here.

Tom's Writer's Journal: Teenage Literature written and published online by a teenager.
This is a Teenage Writing site written and published by a teenager. It includes stories and poetry written from the teenage perspective. Come and read them, recommend them to others, sign the guestbook, ...

'The Pain Between'- a New Age health book that explores our social function as our reason of existence, and hence our reason for health.

Kathie Freeman's Home Page
Kathie Freeman's Home Page features a brief biography and links to her articles and short stories, and the first five chapters of Catwalk, an exciting new feline adventure tale.{;}

Lynda's esoteric web
This site contains original articles, stories and graphics covecommunity various subjects including esoteric, computers, inspirational and fiction. {;}

Amanda Lane's Home Page
{;}A personal site with humor, links, quotes, stories, communitys, awards, and more