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This is a pro ana site community. Sites that best represent this philosophy and show good design skills will be accepted.

This site is all about my life with an eating disorder. Everyday there's info on my situation along with helpful information and inspiration for everyone.

You know about it

the p r e t t i e s t red r i b b o n s
This is the place where I scream{;}when I cant stand my body anymore{;}when I feel like eating and I know I shouldnt{;}when I've eaten something and I feel like shit...{;}

the t-platform
a small but growing site that provides community for the eating disorderly with no desire to recover.

Love Me To The Bones
diary account of a seventeen year old's journey towards thinness, includes thinspirational pics, tips, links, and a track of the food i've eaten, updated daily

The Broken Bits Network
unique site revived for the third time, formerly on this community

Fairy Tales Lie
Just starting so dont hate it! Trying to keep mself busy so I wont eat. Vist & tell me what you think i can improve on.

Not Guilty
My site.. I will be updating and adding to it more, and I am still working out the kinks. Enjoy

Clarity: A Journey
A journal about the daily happenings in my life, and coping with the possibility of an eating disorder.