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Blogs, Journals or Personal web pages that express their own opinions on life happening around them, without fear (or care) of others opinions. It's YOUR blog/journal, you can write any blasted thing you durn well please.

sophie's fair
sophie? who is she? a guerilla artist and kid-friendly blogger who still goes to Sunday School... does a mean pas de chat and grande jete... stinks at playing drums... learned french from her flighty french ...

Just a short 'n fiesty Scorpio gal trying to make it in this crazy, upside-down world.

Thinking Out Loud Again...
The thoughts and musings of coming to terms with turning 50 and what I want to be when I grow up. Well worth the read. Insightful!

The Musings of a Homegirl
The musings of a stay-at-home mom who loves her family, horses, pets and life.

Wallybrane's Martian Adventures
Left wing socialist site with an eclectic mix of news, views and chocolate. If you are lucky.{;}

Gene Eric's Web Log
Trivial and occasionally not too exciting Gene Eric Blog

Pat's Real Deal Blog
This is a blog that serves as a way of me speaking my mind. It will serve many purposes including serve as a compliment to my Internet Radio (and soon!) TV shows on the Jeeper One Radio & Television N ...

her shoulder to cry on
it's easier to stcommunity together a coherent sentence while typing than it is while speaking aloud.

Through the Pane
\"...What it was about windows, I supposed, was that there was something on the other side, and one never knows exactly what until they peer through the pane.\"

Accidental Ramblings
Assorted ramblings accidentally published covecommunity the latest news and current affairs

Assessing the impact of technology, change and the internet on the human condition

The Goofus Office
The Goofus Office is dedicated directly to the promotion of humor, music, and the arts (visual, readable, and performable). However, politics, in a word, occasionally get in the way. Thusly, through the ...

News and Musings - Comedian & DJ Steve N Allen's Comedy Blog
London-based comedian and 102.7 Mercury FM DJ Steve N Allen looks at news, life and other stuff.

The Urban Backpacker's Quarterly
Photos and other images, recipes, reviews of cheap places to live, and commentary mainly about life in the Chicago area, both the good and the bad, not likely to please those at either end of the political ...

Bittersweet Reality
The blog of a 20-something, sassy, opinionated, single mother. I\'ll try to keep it entertaining.

Diary of a Misanthrope
I live in Plymouth in the UK cacommunity for my wife which gives me lots of free time, most of which I waste on this ‘ere ‘tinternet. Having passed the major milestone of 30, I have now had the realisation ...

Melancholy Musings
This is my blog where by accident you might find something amusing. There are rants and talking about tv shows, books, or whatever else pops into my head that I share with you Gentle Viewers.

Life With Heathens
I'm a 32 year old wife and mother who happens to have cancer. Thanks to three heathens, two cats, and that Hubby Guy too...I laugh more than I cry!

DLS Designs' Blog

Hobbit Ramblings
The Chic Hobbit tackles the Food Network, Rachael Ray, food and wine, grad school, and life in general with style and a sense of humor. And the occasional rant.

An eclectic shacommunity of life applications noted in scripture. It isn't what you know, but who you KNOW.

The Left Wing Conservative
This is an Internet Only Radio & TV show for the average Pat. Advocating for the vast majority of us who, contrary to the beliefs of the Republican Party, DO NOT own our own home and/or business and MUST ...

Under the Ozarkian Stars
This is the blog of a happily married Christian woman with very conservative values. I love Jesus, my family, gardening, crochet, politics, books and music. All are discussed here.