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you all.

roys page
this is a memorial for roy which left us too soon.

Memory of my son Jeffrey
this site is dedicated to my precious little angel above Jeffrey Scott Harcommunityton whom was a victim of sids on dec 19th 1992 , he was only 3 months and 2 days old. mommy loves you sweet angel{;} ...

In Loving Memory of David
In Loving Memory of David. My sweet precious Angel went to heaven on August 9, 2000. He was stillborn at 24 weeks gestation due to dehydration from lack of oxygen from the placenta because I was very sick ...

Our Precious daughter 'Angel'
Memorial to our precious daughter 'Angel' who we lost to anencephaly on January 12th 2002.

In Loving Memory of Annalise
A Memorial site in memory of my daughter Annalise, who was stillborn due to anencephaly and spina bifida.

My Angels Ariel & Catherine
Memorial to my baby born with anencephaly & lived for 4 hours. Also a tribute to her little sister lost to miscarriage at 12 weeks. My story, poems, awards for you, support links & love & comfort.

Davids Memorial
A very beautiful tribute to my darling little son David, who became an angel a long time ago, and my heart has never healed at his loss.

Treasured Memories of Georgia Ellen Cotterill
A memorial site dedicated to our daughter, Georgia Ellen Cotterill, who became an Angel aged 7 days due to Hydrops Fetalis

In Loving Memory of Tristan
This site is made in loving memory of my son Tristan, who was still born May 18 1996 at 36 weeks.

Olivia Katherine's Castle in the Sky
A bitter sweet rememberance of my sweet angel, Olivia Katherine (Livy). This site tells of Livy's love and how her short life changed my life forever.

Miscarriages Of Love
Memorial to my 14 unborn babies. My story, poems, prayers, awards & gifts, and lots of love and comfort.

David Edward Lowe
Memorial tribute to my two year old son lost to cancer in 1972. My story, poems, awards for you and beautiful songs.

In loving memory of Cassandra and Ara-Sabien
This is a memorial is made in loving memory of my 2 little angels.

Isabella Rose
A quest for founding which includes but is not limited to valor, compassion, knowledge and memories. Including a tribute to our grand daughter - Isabella Rose

In Memory of Austin Michael Morse
My 8 month old son who passed away from HLHS and other heart defects.

Our Tiny Angel in Heaven
In loving memory of our daughter Jennie Cathryn born at 25 weeks from Dr. errors. Our story, Poems, Memorial for other angels , and birthstone Memorials I make and more. Come visit with our angel^i^

Chelsea Mae Miller
Memorial to mt precious baby girl lost after birth after a turbulent relationship. How I cope with my loss. My story, photos & poems plus awards for you.

Dawns Graphics
Site created in memory of my 14 angels. Angel sets, Angel gallery, free awards, wavs, frames etc. Please visit and sign my guestbook with your Angel's site!

My Angel In Waiting
Memorial to my precious Angel Zachary, born at 25 weeks and lived for 21 days. He is my Angel waiting for me in heaven.

My Rose In Heaven
In memory of my daughter who passed away aged 5 weeks

In Loving Memory Of Alayna
Site includes personal poems that connect me to my daughter, and a picture.

The Knox Family Web Site
A site about my family, itinclude also dedications, angels, recipes grat links and more

My precious
In loving memory of my granddaughter, Alexis. Forever in my heart.

In loving memory of Noah
in loving memory of our son Noah