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Some think God's love and Salvation is folly...Well, if I am wrong, I will have lost nothing...But, if I am right and they are wrong, they will have lost everything...Praise God I Know and Believe! The body is nothing but a bag of dirt and will pass, it is your soul you should worry about...it last forever. Time comes and goes, believe in the Word of God and know eternity is forever... BELIEVE!!...PoP

Glimpses of God
God's Word revealed, the true Bible Code; promoting unity via scriptural methods of Bible Study.

For those that have not answered His call and still hear it... Be thankful. This lets you know He is still calling and waiting for you. In time He will stop touching you and it will be too late...Please ...

Holy Scripture to encourage a believer as well as lead an unbeliever to faith in Jesus Christ. Fascinating reading of the Holy Bible for Roman Catholics. We sponsor many Christian communitys and have ...

Romans Road End Time Ministries
Romans Road End Time Ministries is a website to show the positive side of life God. He is the most positive thing that I know and I hope to reflect that to all who visits the site. God changes things.

Armor of God
Showing the Armor of God that We Christians Must wear everyday to help in our walk with Jesus

Life Eternal
Reflections on the daily walk of the Christian life

Song's Site
This is songweaver4Himís siteÖ a family, Christian, website, with emphasis on our relationship with Jesus Christ, salvation, ministry, and Hope for the Wounded heart. Keywords include: Jesus, Christ, ...