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This is a blog that is open to anyone who would like to spread the word on why they choose central Indiana for their home or company. Please join and post your story on why you choose Indy!

Torpor Indy
This is a blog to chronicle life as a dissident in the "heartland", the northern tip of the bible belt, the capital city of the Mississippi of the North. Life in a red state leaves one blue

Jacob Leffler's Short Attention Span Theatre
The Short Attention Span Theatre(SAST) is the blog of Jacob Leffler. The focus for the SAST, and of Jacob, is the digital media industry and how it is currently being leveraged to help businesses and ...

He Writes About Words
A site about the English language, which is not as bocommunity as it sounds!

The Non-Profit Dad
This blog is an insiders look at the bumps and bruises that come with running a non-profit organization, and the effects it has on you, both professionally and personally.

Realty Coach
With a central focus on real estate, this blog will discuss essential strategies in buying or selling a home, as well as the larger themes of home ownership and community. Overall, we will speak to those ...

Ask IndyTed
Having lived in Indiana for over 55 years, I know the Crossroads of America pretty well. I want to share what I have learned about Indy and the surrounding counties with my fellow Hoosiers!

SRColey.com is a blog dedicated to my progressive learning in the field of Web Development and the Internet.

The Casual Friday
As a former "Blog of Note" The Casual Friday posts weekly Highlights of the Mundane.

Around Indy
A daily synopsis of upcoming events and things to do in Indianapolis and central Indiana, extracted from our main Web site, http://www.aroundindy.com. The RSS Feed is an excellent way to get a daily ...

The Be All Blog All
The Be All Blog All is like that junk drawer that you have in your kitchen. It\\\\\\\'s full of all kinds of random crap, but any time you\\\\\\\'re looking for something, you can find it there.

The Bass Geek
Words on music, circuitry and Fountain Square

The Russ Says...
I talk about me, my life, what's going on here in town, and all the geeky guilty pleasures I'm into.

Laughing Stalk humor columns
Weekly humor columns published in six weekly newspapers around Indiana and Oregon.

Superwick: mostly human
Since 2003, I've been blogging about lots of different stuff. Most of it does have a technology flavor to it, but no subject is really off-limits. Music, gadgets, Indy life, design, politics, and opinion ...

Ordinary Days
I try to take life one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once. Come find out all about my Ordinary Days!

Good Brownie
I talk about a mixture of things: pop culture, religion, politics, life inside/outside Indiana.

Wine reviews, recipes and miscellaneous musings from a pretty articulate Weimaraner.

WebMarketingRecruiter.com | Specializing in Sourcing and Recruiting Internet Marketing Professionals
WebMarketingRecruiter is a blog dedicated to facilitating the introduction of talented internet marketing professionals to employers eager to hire such talent!

Dire Mirth
A lot of fortuitous, seemingly disjunctive stories, reviews, and thoughts that make up the life of one mid-20's Indianapolis woman. By day, and often by night, Emilee is a law student in downtown Indianapolis. ...

The Gimcrack Miscellany
“An authority on a bunch of unrelated articles that ultimately have no long lasting meaning or effect,” or you can shorten that to “the blog of miscellaneous gewgaw and bric-a-brac”, or, even more abbreviated, ...

Writing for Reading
When’s the last time you read something all the way through just because the author was some high-ranking official within a company? Do you read the newsletter of an organization you care about if the ...

Four Square No. 266
A normal blog from a normal house on a normal street in a normal neighborhood in a normal city covecommunity my normal life and all of its abnormalities. Started in January 2006, Four Square No. 266 ...

Chomper Stomping
Christopher McCulloh's techie/geek programming journal

chez pez
non-profit director by day and music writer by night. this is what happens in between.

Indy's Painfully Objective Political Analysis (iPopa)
A Democrat hellbent on saving his party tells it like it is - an objective review and commentary of the day's political news in Indianapolis

Circle and Squares
A blog dedicated to discussion about architecture, landscape architecture, public art, urban planning, historic preservation, design...really, the built environment, in general. The intent is to provide ...

The Marketing Automation Hub: Marketing Automation Strategies for the Bucket Marketer
The Marketing Automation Hub: Marketing Automation Strategies for the Bucket Marketer. A blog focused on customer and prospect data segmentation and communication strategies and technologies.

Classical Music in the Nap City - Indianapolis
Classical music, opera, events, news, and anything else interesting in Indianapolis

Classical Music in the Nap City - Indianapolis
Classical music, opera, events, news, and anything else interesting in Indianapolis

Juggling Plates
Perspectives of a feminist mom after leaving a career in IT to stay at home with her kids.

Dear Mr. BruAl
Answecommunity stupid questions from the truly perplexed, and then cobbling it up with half-baked economics, politics and other politically inastute observations.

Everything Nagel
Observations, thoughts, and rants from a couple living in Fishers, Indiana. Food, movies, pop culture, etc.

Indy's Biggest Loser
The journey to being healthier, fitter and leaner by an Indy resident. I share recipes, tips, hints, exercises and my journey!

alphabet by design
my thoughts on some words and some words on my thoughts

ab initio. ab intra
I’m a Caucasian, forty-something, father of two from Indianapolis. I intend to post things that interest me, stories and snip-it’s from my life. Categories include: TV, Movies, Science Fiction, Science, ...

That'll Teach Me: Adult Continuing Education in Indy
News and reviews of adult continuing education opportunities in Indianapolis -- everything from pottery classes to astronomy lectures. For grown-ups who refuse to stop learning.

Per Se
Wife, mom of three, part-time barista. Headed back to school for nursing. My life? A little hectic.

Distracted by Something Shiny
The adventures of a 31-year-old single Web developer.

Truths of a Shy Writer
A freelance writer trying to make a go of it. A blog that chronicles the daily struggles of a writing career.

Chapstick Weekly
It's about music, dummy.

Talbott Street Feral Colony
About the Talbott Street Colony, IndyFeral's efforts there, and Herron-Morton Place's neighborhood support of cat health.

Worth Your Attention
Indy-centric site about non-chain restaurants, yoga, the arts, charities, cool websites and the occasional horror film

The real-time, inane ramblings of a socially inept, pushing-40, IT professional, blogger, podcaster, gamer, musician, wannabe novelist, movie nut, scifi fanboy, comic book afficionado, new media champion, ...

Brown Hair, Brown Eyes
The simple life of a nerdy chick, the love of her life, and four cats.

fletcher place
To add to the community in the downtown Indianapolis neighborhood of Fletcher Place. A place for people to respond to topics about the neighborhood, politics, sports, religion, restaurants, etc. in downtown ...

Miller's Book Journal
A blog all about books, authors, libraries and bookstores

Walter Zoomie's World
Auto racing and other vignettes you may or may not find interesting or amusing.

For Those Who Follow: Shacommunity Stories to make the Journey Easier
We are Indiana moms who have a child with a disability. We hope by shacommunity our experiences, we can encourage and inspire others

Drawings In Motion
A place to post my illustrations, animations, designs, prints, photographs, crafts, cooking experiments, or just about anything I'm making at the time