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A community composed of only the BEST yaoi (slash) sites, those with truly wonderful writing and/or art. Both fan works and originals are welcome in this community. If you think your site has what it takes, please apply! And if you like yaoi, please visit! :)

The Nocturne
The Game. The Seduction. The Kill. Sex is blood. Blood is sex. Can you resist?{;}{;}Weasel, a drug addicted prostitute meets Angelo and becomes a true "Child of the Night."

Akane's bishounen
Original drawings of bishounen: young mortals and vampires. Some yaoi stories, too.

Inner Id the mind of Mog
Moggies demented not so little site to my fave bishies from my fave games, shrines to the fruit (Sephiroth), Vincent, and one of the rare Kahr Ramsus shrines ^_^

Visions of the Inner Eye
A small spot for my Shinkidousenki Gundam Wing Yaoi and Shonen ai fanfictions. I also plan to soon have fics from "Gensomaiden Saiyuki", "Final Fantasy 8" and "Fushigi Yugi - The Mysterious Play" as well. ...

M*xed Emot*ons
A site devoted to my yaoi obsession, with a section for my personal rants regarding sexuality, my favorite yaoi paicommunitys, wallpapers, and my three yaoi stories (Angel Wars, Red Stitches, and Unforgiven), ...

Touma and Seiji's Memorial
Site includes: fanfics, fanarts, galleries, oekaki board, wallpapers, plus a wedding garden for you to marry our favorite bishies, Seiji and Touma.

Silk Kitty
Cerise's original online manga, art and fiction site! Contains shounen-ai/yaoi themes...Includes an extensive original yaoi fiction recommendation page and home to the OOC gang and Starshine.