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Indigo Adults have sought diligently for years to find the right "tribe"; have often been labeled as Bohemian Eclectics or even Spiritual Gypsies. We're all that and more. We're INDIGO ADULTS, and we've been paving the road for the Indigo Children, The Crystals & Those To Come.

Peace In Practice
A website of infospiration, that provides information, poetry and reflections, from an Indigo heart. We seek to co-create a beautiful, peaceful and just new world through shacommunity from our depths and ...

My Personal Weblog - - I am not your typical "Indigo" if there could EVER be such a thing. This is my journey, you're welcome to visit and read.

Essential Eccentricity
My blog is a little bit of a lot of things, and all me. I am telling the story of my eventful sixty-some years in installments. In between memoir segments, I write about myth and folklore and the here-and-now ...