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We welcome all the dark souls out there.

Dawn's Dance with Death
Dedicated to Joseph Linsner's Redheaded Goddess, Dawn and her lover, the Horned God, Death.

Chriswyn's Fantasyland
This site is FULL of fanasty art. Page after pages of Fairies, Dragons, Angels and much much more. So come in and see for yourself. Enjoy!

Welcome to Tartarus
Welcome to Tartarus, Hesperus and Aurora do so ~love~ to entertain!

Without Passion We'd Truly Be Dead
This is a site about me. I am a little bit goth, a little bit punk, a little bit rave & everything in between. I am me.

the faerie realm
my site with stuff about me. dark stuff, faerie stuff, all kindas stuff

The Original Texture Spot
Free original graphics site with a page of goth computer art & a page of distinctive goth frames for the art on your site.

Spiralscorcher's Portal Phase
Entries about the diverse human beings that surrounds me.

Contains info on Goth history, music, and culture.

Amidst the Shadows
A no-cost, free-form, roleplaying game. Character interaction will take place on a message board. The world is based on White-Wolf's World of Darkness, my imagination and the continuing input of the ...

The Shocker's Site
This site contains everything from sports(Toronto Maple Leafs, Raptors and Bluejays), girls(Anna Kournikova, Britney Spears, Sarah Michelle Gellar), aliens, music, parties and a little bit about "The Shocker" ...

Pages of Darkness
Dark Fantasy at its best. Enter only if you dare. But I warn you. One inside my Pages of Darkness, you may never walk in the light again *wicked grin*

Edge Of The Forest
My own poetry as well as select pieces from various publishings.

Halloween Witch
The Halloween Witch is an eclectic view on the Halloween season and lifestyle. Legends and heritage from the last 150 years of American Halloween and pictures from the real Halloween Museum are just some ...

Download some of my tunes, while your here. I've got poetry listed, and I update the site every time I go through a misanthropic cycle.

Closer To God
A personal philosophy explocommunity the dark nature of existence

Goth To Be Different
dedicated to the souls who reign the night--the goths...

Raven Shadowwinds - a personal glimpse
A personal and biographical glimpse into the life of the artist, writer and photographer Lady Raven Shadowwinds. The site answers questions such as what does Lady Raven look like, how does she dress, ...

Come visit the virtual haunted house game and lots of other scary halloween stuff!

Harvest House
Tour of The Pumpkin Carvers Boneyard , Virtual tour flash animation of harvest House Funeral Home,original gifs,fiction & links.