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Do you have a website containing fan fiction about *NSYNC? The Backstreet Boys? 98 Degrees? How about 5ive? Any other boy band? If so, please join the fiction from the imagination community!

Nsync-5 Fly White Guys Fanfiction
This site has a story for everyone, there are at least 14 stories up, all written by me. I also give out news and other fun little stuff. Includes the story Together Again, etc.

Breaking Down Inside
This site has fan fiction for *NSYNC fans...maybe hosting soon. I write the stories and feed back is great! I use my time to try to make them as realistic as possible. I hope you enjoy them!

*NSYNC Dreamworks
A website dedicated mainly to *NSYNC Fan Fiction, but also includes regular fiction.

...Words Left Unspoken - NSYNC Fan Fiction
A heartful of words left unspoken,{;}That's the last thing I would do...

Dreams In Digital
A bsb and n sync fan fiction site. Different genre's of stories all mixed into one site. Short stories, long stories, poetry etc. Come visit!

The 'N Sync Files
This is an all-around 'N Sync site. There's just about everything here. I don't have it on only one or 2 members, I have it on all of them. I have a fanfics section that's kinda new, and only has 2 stories ...

Crunk It, Nsync Styl
An Nsync Site with fan fiction (open to hosting), pictures and news on what is happening with your fav five guys.

Desires and Dreams...*//\\// SynC
Tired of living in the *painfully* real world? Then come to mine...my NSynC fanfic world. With fictional stories about the guys (mostly JC, Justin, and Lance, but involve the others heavily), links, hosting, ...

ToY Fan Fic & More
ToY offers *N Sync fan fiction and my own thoughts and things.