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Welcome to the official I Kiss Girls community! It was originally created in September 2000 but due to a large amount of dead links, I decided to delete it and recreate it in July 2003. All old members will have to resubmit, I'm afraid.

My personal online diary. (I, being a bisexual, poetic, imagination junkie, manic-depressive flower child. ) Kazillion is the name of my inner goddess.

I Am My Own Woman
A few words about being a lesbian, gay lifestyle, my everyday life, pop culture, eletronic music and somethings else...

The Shadow Realms
This site is detected to all forms of imagination. This site is filled with a kaleidoscope of different passageways in hopes that ones with open minds, hearts, and souls will find inspiration. ~Shado ...

personal site

...Stand Inside My Love...
This is my journal site...I share my innermost feelings and struggles, whether that be related to my sexuality or just life in general. I try to keep my site looking as good as possible, with as many ...

Mmmmm just an ordinary personal page about the person everyone loves to hate. =)

Downward Facing Life
The trials of tribulations of an every day feminist lesbian in Northern Minnesota (among other things).

all about my girl

A Constant Work in Progress
Semi-daily log of a lesbian and brand spankin' new activist and her life in retail. Political, personal, direct and more importantly 90% crap-free.

My Secret Obsession
A lesbian oriented website for the pursuit of better sex through art, literature, music, discussion, and education. Personal digital photography. Original art work and stories. Chat. Message board. Links. ...

there's beauty in a breakdown.
a personal website, containing my info, my goals and some of my pictures, etc.

There Is No Off Button For My Brain
Personal page of Mel. There is no theme for this page. Just a bunch of stuff I felt like writing about.

the Silver Sun
portions of a girl

My personal domain

Demora's personal home page.

Weblog and personal web site featucommunity writing, humor, art, links, etc.

Personal blog of a british bi girl with an odd sense of humour.

A Circle of Sappho community Forum
A Circle of Sappho Community Forum

Dual Dezires
Dual Dezires is a social and support group for bisexual and bicurious women. We also welcome lesbian women to join us. Come and share in our lives and experiences and share yours. Check us out!