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spaceBoy kelly
20-year-old art student from Michigan who blogs about himself, culture, satire/humor, wierdness, and music (synth pop, industrial, indie, etc).

Dispatches of the Emergency Queer Reserve
You're hosting a wedding shower for a group of bocommunity girls. Who ya gonna call? Distant relatives are dropping in and nothing's happening with the weather. Who ya gonna call? The centerpiece isn't ...

dancer in the dark
a blog abt a singapore teenage boy who laments all about his life or the non-existent of it, includes tabs, stories and lyrics and all

Read It and Weep
one in a succession of undertakings intending to meld the earnest and the snarky, with predictably disastrous results

The Revelations of Turok
Hey, this is my diary!!! So yeah, come in and find out all about Moi! An 18 year old actor from Australia...

Jonathan Levy
It is just about me, and how life is so great. And also how I love my boyfriend{;}

Show World
Blog about the life of a twentysomething downtown Manhattan gay boy, brought to you by Schroeder.

Little Boys Should Be Seen
hey there :) {;}I update my diary regularly, really I do... haha OK I attempt pathetically to make my entries amusing, so your click JUST might not be a total waste of time ;P

Our Big Gay Wedding
From the proposal on the Rim of Crater Lake to the actual Union in Vermont, follow along as we develop plans for our Union Ceremony scheduled for August 2004, celebrating 10 years together.

shadowy duck
Scattered speculations on the question of . . .{;}

BP Boy
Not so random thoughts from a cute boy.

Greater than nothing
another angsty teenager bitching about how is life sucks. atleast im sarcastic.

Bob's Yer Uncle
random musings on life in and beyond new york city