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This is the community for people who have webpages who belong to the Indigo Girls e-mail list (Indigo-Girls@Netspace.org). Indigo Girls content (IGC) is not required, though it is welcomed and encouraged. The only requirements are that you must be a member of the listserve and you must have the code up on your page (with a max. of 2 clicks away from the page you submit as your homepage URL)

~*~karen's IG boots~*~
My site for trading Indigo Girls bootlegs and other live recordings. NO BUYING OR SELLING!

Havanamoon - Tim Baldwin's Web Page
a site by singer/songwriter/guitarist Tim Baldwin loaded with information on the western New York acoustic music scene.

Kirsten Says Hi
This is my site with my poetry, plays, other writings, favorite quotes, lyrics, parodies, pictures, etc.