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A community for people who "dream in HTML". :)

This is the blog (weblog) of the girl known as the Bacteria to some, Siamkatze to others. It has frequently changing layouts with all kinds of themes. It may contain: bocommunity rants, unimportant drivel, ...

LadyofDragons.com, the domain maintained by Dragoness. From this portal you can venture into the gallery website of Dragoness' fantasy artwork, a web clique devoted to elf lovers, and others. Feel free ...

My simple, unfortunately rarely updated collective. ^^

Web home of a very strange girl.

Tastes Like A Biscuit
Tori B's online art site. =^_^= Plenty of random insanity to go around! =D

+ + R O K U J O U ! + +
An original manga series by Byakko. Mainly dramatic, dark fluff. ^^;;

Valor of Naboo
Valor of Naboo is dedicated to Padme Amidala of the Star Wars saga. It provides details about her throughout the movies, images of her, costume help, and more.

The Ice Cream Revolution - A Rukawa-Uke Shrine
A shrine to the one and only Kaede Rukawa for being the beautiful uke he is ^_^ Warnings: This site contains yaoi (homosexual) content and has some adult themes

personal domain and weblog about me!

Dreaming in Shades
Well, glad I found to where IDIH dissappeared to! My site is my blog, although I do own the domain it's located on. I'm a code frenetic.

one by one
This site is just about me!