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If you are like me, blogging is one of those things that is on again and off again. Sometimes you have a ton of stuff to write and other times you have nothing. Others of us have tried to start blogging for a long time and have never been able to get the spark to inspire us. People are much like crystals in the sunlight. Turn us one way or another and we see different facets of our lives. When we ask someone the question \"Who are you?\" the answer we get will change dependent on a number of different variables; time of day, mentality, person who is asking, place that they are asking, etc. o here is the challenge: Can you, at least once a week, write a blog that tells us one thing about yourself? It is really easier than you think. Start a blog like this: \"I am a person who ______________.\" or perhaps \"I am ___________________\" Now when you think of all of the ways that you could fill in those blanks, you begin to realize that your identity is much greater than you would like to give yourself credit for. So take four or five lines or even more if you can, and explain how that facet of your life works. How are you a person who listens well or likes to take risks or procrastinates? Don\'t hide the things that are darker or harder to speak of. In writing these things we begin to learn our identity. Do you want to commit to writing with us? Would you like to join a community bent on understanding ourselves? Please add your site to this community and join us as we begin to find out more about who we are.

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