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One feminist of color intellectual's musings on gender, race consciousness, queer activism, popular culture, and the Whoniverse

transnational artistic musings
Guatemalan Jewish video/performance artist Maya Escobar's thoughts on multiculturalism, hybridity, contemporary art, critical pedagogy and more...

Digital Immigrant
I write about the things close to me. I hope that the South Africans who read my blog will be able to experience what it is like to be a young WOC in 'post-apartheid' South Africa.

BadGalsRadio - Diasporic Roots and Reality since 99'

Bustabitch: the Journey of a black women in America
Bustabitch: the Journey of a black women in America. Sometimes Life is a bitch and sometimes you have to bust it.

outspoken outlier
a queer brown femme navigating internalized, interpersonal and institutional interactions

Healthy Sisters Unite
A website for black women who want healthy minds, bodies, and great hair.

Ivory's Intellect
Ivory's Intellect wants you to Free Your Mind...and the rest will soon follow. Ivory produces articles on the black community, specifically the role black/African-American women play in society. The ...

my white king: a black woman's love of a white man
i could never figure out exactly why but long ago i came to the realization that by merely being an african-american, dark-skinned woman with dreadlocks and a love africentric things that i've fallen victim ...

A space where we share. Share stories. Stories about life. Stories of politics. Politics of People. People like me. Humans. Women. Men. Afropolitans. Wordsmiths. Dancers. Lovers. Students. Teachers. Spiritual ...

behind the lens
This is the online blog of openly queer, Latina not-for-profit photographer and long-time activist Emmanuela de León, who works primarily with people of color and the LGBTIQ communities. Emmanuela is also ...

Writing for Strangers
Writing for Strangers is the personal website of queer, mixed-race writer Vanessa Shanti Fernando, based in Montreal. Primarily consisting of reflections, creative non-fiction, and other musings on personal ...

Ankhesen Mié
Ankhesen Mié's blog is home to the writings of a young Ambazonian-American author where she regularly discusses race in a multitude of creative ways. Her "Ankhesenology" feature is particularly distinctive ...