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Political commentary and cultural criticism.


Leftist Looney Lunchbox
I'm Indo-Canadian, a feminist and love to learn!

The musings, thoughts, and rants of a radical, militant and proudly covered Native American (Indian) Muslim woman in the U.S.A.

QWOC: Queer Woman of Color
Journeys of an aware queer woman of color.

Cynthia's Interest
My blog is a hodgepodge of various issues from politics to health.

Nicolette Bethel's Blog, in which she shares essays, links, some academic work, a little poetry, and a whole lot of opinion.

Digital Diva
The blog of a Queer Chicana visual and public artist, born in Mexico, and living/working in Los Angeles.

No Snow Here
Critical discussions of art, media, race, gender and social justice from a mixed Arab American feminist viewpoint.

Taking Steps
Personal and political work by a multiracial trans woman working in the religious-left vein of activism.

A Womyn's Ecdysis
A Filipina-Spanish woman on her interracial marriage, academic life, women centers, family, and the intersections of identity, especially gender/ace issues.

Deeper Shades of GranDiva
Advice and musings on life, love, and the pursuit of not-so-casual sex.

God Is A Dyke
God Is A Dyke, 'From A New Thought What If God Was One Of Us?' The Journal~ings of a True Warrior Goddess, today is the day We Womyn set our Minds free, no longer being held captive to a one designed process ...

latin american princesa {LAP}
the intersection of gender, race, ethnicity and class from a latina humanist point of view

Cynical Anti-Orientalist
Blogging from a queer/feminist/Asian American/Woman of Color perspective

The Fruit Basket
Another Mommy blog in a queer, arab, femme & feminist sort of way. In Kansas, no less.

flying solo
havestrength writes about life, love, and all of the funny things that happen on the way...

What Tami Said
Thoughts on culture and politics from a black feminist. Focus on the ongoing "war" against black women.

Little Black Book
This site is an interactive readinglist designed to motivate (at least one) black feminist radical nerd to comunicate her THOUGHTS about the ridiculous amount of books that she is reading every week. Feel ...

She Who Stumbles
A South Asian Australian feminist blog about politics, academia, and occasionally SF.

Site for transitioning divas, that includes a variety of topics from product reviews to sections on empowerment and strength.

The Sowing Circle
Within the hearts and souls of black women lies the power to change the world. This blog is dedicated to encouraging black women to use their love, spirits, intellect, talents, and voices to effect positive ...

Sable Feminist News
Your run-o-the-mill musings on the daily life of a Single Black Female Feminist.

Jackie Duplessis
Adventures of this black lesbian feminist in the wide world at large.

Raging Hapa
raging hapa flexes her writing wings and explores intersections of oppression and empowerment

For thought-provoking political and social commentaries affecting African Americans in the US and the world, check out Black Political Thought.

Ananse: Cultural and Political Expression
A young, liberal Black woman's unique thoughts on culture, politics, and life in general

Oh No a Woc PhD
I discuss academia and social justice from the perspective of a radical professor and woman of color.

Mssy Fit - The Sound of Dust Unsettling
This is a blog by a Canadian woman of Hakka-Chinese descent. Mssy Fit is focused on ending oppression against women of colour, blogging about politics concerning the APIA community, and building alliances ...

Whenua, Fenua, Enua, Vanua
Revolutionary Indigenous Resistance to Colonialism & Capitalism in the Pacific

Teatro de la Vida
working class mother of color, poet and graphic designer, finds home/space through her writing and within the confines of those spaces deemed "woman-centered".

Aunt Jemima\'s Revenge addresses multiple issues effecting society such as education, politics, and popular culture, specifically through the filter of race, gender, class, and sexuality. The blog intends ...

Waiting 2 Speak
eclectic, inspired, feminine & cool ~*~abap~*~ Fighting assimilation is a constant struggle....All of which means that if I am to be as insurgent as I truly want to be, if I ever hope to use my words, ...

Breaking Down Barriers Conference
Our annual Breaking Down Barriers Conference bcommunitys together students, staff, faculty members, community members, business representatives and others to discuss the numerous barriers experienced by ...

And Still I Rise
Lists some of my writings on Afro-Asian interactions and the search for female voices in antiquity. Has a couple excellent posts from other women. Tasks gang bangers to task.

detoxology's weblog

Hagar's Daughters
A space where black women/womyn can share become informed and empowered, and also share what's going on in their lives.

From the Battlefield ~Sisters, Let's Talk~
This blog is a place that invites conversation and bcommunitys awareness to a variety of topics. You may find poetry, rants and raves, questions that boggle the mind, testimony, a cry for help, news, ...

Tanglad: feminist, runner, activist, dog-lover
Filipina feminist thinks about globalization and transnational feminism, with focus on Philippine issues. I write about my dogs too.

Sumayyah Said So
Writings from a woman with the heart of an activist and the soul of a poet.

Yeah and So What!
Everytime I open my mouth to say anything, someone has something to say. Can't a black woman have an opinion too!?

Feathers From the Muses Wings
radical writings, musings, rants, raves, flor y canto y pues, pocos llantos...

Acts of Faith Blog
A blog about living your best life covecommunity all topics from the perspective of a Black creative woman.

Seeking the Cranberry, Color in a World of Black and White
I am a freelance writer and speaker on cultural diversity and transnational race relations. I am passionate about facilitating cooperation and support among groups who are working to eradicate racism and ...

Artist Alma Lopez
Los Angeles-based Queer Chicana visual and public artist Alma Lopez

Black Women Talking
Explocommunity issues that affect black women around the world

Alwaan Dykes
This is the AlWAAN blog ALWAAN stands for the Arab Lesbian Women & Allies Network (www.Alwaan.org) شبكة المثليات العربيات ...

Uncensored Feminista
Feminist dialogue from a Cuban-American woman living in Miami.

On A Whole New Level
Diary of a Mad Black Fat Woman...