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This community is for past and present IB students who keep weblogs and online journals.

Ilene's BS Class Blog
My blog from the comforts of ITGS class.

Molly Malone
This is my site, full of rants and raves on various topics. It's not all pesimistic though so check it out if you're bored.

Fun fun fun

Sleepyme's Page
Just my personal web page.

Grilled Chicken on Pita
Basically, life is weird sometimes. Other times, not so much.

feel the nervous energy...
This is my blog.{;}I'm an IB graduate of 2002, who's been trained so well in the art of "international bullshitting" that I have trouble stcommunitying together coherent thoughts. {;}But there's nothing ...

SpinningMisfit's Deadjournal
The life of a burnt out IB student.

The Cooperage
This is my weblog... It's just about my bocommunity life in IB and outside of school. Mostly I talk about IB things, sports, and issues that I care about.

Shattered Dreams
I'm a high school student. In IB? For some odd reason, yes. Let's see how this turns out.

Living life other than to worry about stressing life and homework that cramps your time ... {;}Having fun and living freely [until school starts]

It has some good stuff, but it could be better. With IB and all the other crap I\'m doing I don\'t have enough time to code! (If you want to get my calculator programs I may have to e-mail them to y ...

Come Come Paradise
Travel into the world of a 16 year old internet addict. Learn what goes through her head as she lives out the IB experience, as well as out in the \"real world\". Pfft. who needs reality when you have ...

The professional tourist
An international student, I see the earth as my playground while retaining my N. American identity. I opine on topics from travel to science.