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~ For the True Believer of the Fae ~ AS OF JUNE 17, 2006 - THIS RING HAS BEEN RE-OPENED.

Somniare's Home
A webpage somewhat dedicated to the dream faerie Somniare. Included are links to other faerie sites, a page on poetry and the language of flowers.

Riache's Inn
A warm & cozy place to visit, but if ya decide to stay...you get to help me maintain the place! :)

Faery land, adopting faeries, learning about faeries
This page is about Faeries.

Fairy Sweet Song's Realm
Visit my realm where the fae fly free & the dragons and unicorn dance & play. Sit on a shroom & read a fairytale or visit my fantasy artists and see their lovely works. When you leave, you too will say ...

Irish Fairy Godmother's Lair
Beannú! {greetings!} A family friendly site with plenty of graphics and articles. I Believe! And have plenty of buttons to share...have a great one.

Bubbles' Boutique
My personal site with some of my writings, as well as those of others that I find an inspiration. A potpourri of my interests and graphic endeavours.

A Fairy World
A world devoted to the love of fairies and angels.

Midnight Enchantment
Faery friends of all ages will be enchanted while making their journey through our lands. Surprises, adoptables, treasures, and spirit await!

Aleta's Magickal Land of Enchantment
My site's mainly about faeries, but also has a section on dragons, and a RPG.

Faerie Song
Faerie Song is a haven for lover's of the Fae! Come meet our musical Faeries, hear our song, play with dragons, share our Magic!

Rhowan's Fantasy Castle
My site includes Fantasy, Faeries, Dragons, Anne Rice, Music, books, Wizards and more. Pages on Tolkien, King Arthur and lots more on the way. I also have a faerie hunt. Please stop by for a visit, I'd ...

Fairy Skyla
An enchanted forest where the fairies love to hide and play