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Sometimes do you want to say no I'm not doing fine?? I am F.I.N.E !! {;}{;}Fucked up: someone with severe mental or emotional problems. Insecure: not feeling safe, not confident. Neuosis: abnormally sensitive or obsessive person. Emotional: especially liable to emotion.

Wind Chains
A journal of my neurotic tendencies.

Unplugged Schizo
Personal/blog site of an Unplugged Schizo.

Learning How To Smile
French, 22, musician > that's my site

A personal site with a diary, my poetry and photos, etc.

:: fall :: glimmer :: sparkle :: and ::: fade ::
quotes, journal, small collection of art, lyrics and poetry (both by self and others).

Dream kiss
Dream Kiss is a personal journal online about my crazy life as a redhead, a woman and a Mother. I update daily and it's full of pictures, smiles and friends.{;}xxoxox

Violins in Life
Online Diary

Choking On Life
dead on the inside, living on the outside.

unholy seduction
The darkness encompasses all, as do I find myself incessantley. The voices in my head are purged of thought as they appear on the page, every last hurt and wound and pain, imprinted in eternity.

Creepy Gyrl
A glimpse into my tangled world...........

cigarettes and alcohol
vile and sad thoughts

pUrE bOLLoCks
pure bollocks bout my everyday life and why i am not a perfect person