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A community for Witches. Even if you're not a wiccan, you can still join. The witch is inside of you.

The Witch's World
About this Community {;} {;}Merry meet and welcome. This community is for those who are of Wiccan, pagan or of Withcraft backgroung. We will also teach and mentor the younger people of the world along ...

Under Lock & Key
Personal site

Radio Bastet - Vintage Belly Dance Music
Join this bellydancing Witch as she plays cuts from her vintage bellydance vinyl collection in RealAudio! Plus an LP cover gallery, the Bastet Bookstore, thoughts on what it means to be a Witch and a ...

Divine Love Light
Professional psychic readings and spell-casting services for love, money, luck and more. Whatever your situation, we are here to help you.

Sorceress Jade's
A Wiccan teen's path of self-discovery through the path. Come join the Magick!

Clouds Castle
The magic castle in the clouds, where dreames are real...{;}