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Hydroponics - The Proper and Legal  Use
It’s sad that these days the word ‘Hydroponics’ is commonly used in the media when talking about someone whose been caught growing something not-so-legal in their basement as opposed to what  it was really invented for! Hydroponics are sets of specialized lighting systems that are used to help cultivate small plant in their infant stages of growth without the use of soil using mineral and nutrient solutions. Other terrestrial plants can be grown using the same system but need to be planted in clay balls like perlite or gravel, the solution only covering the plant roots and or mineral wool. The lights are very powerful and emulate the suns rays. They are also used for many other reason but we will cover than later on in the article!

The history of hydroponics teaches us that in sixteen twenty seven Sir Francis Bacon printed a book that explained ways of planting and growing terrestrial plant without the use of soil. This is the first ever record of it kind and it inspired other botanists to develop water culture to grow plants. John Woodward published his book on water culture in sixteen ninety nine. The biggest discovery was made by the German botanist Julius von Sachs and his partner Wilhelm Knop who together discovered the secrets of solution culture during their experiments which lasted between eighteen fifty nine and eighteen sixty five. This lead the basis for other botanists to build further on their work which later created hydroponics as we now know it in its current form. It is predicted as further research is being completed as we speak that within ten years hydroponics will have moved on further than we could ever dream at this current time.

There are two main techniques in hydroponics; solution culture and medium culture. Solution culture does not require that the plants roots be placed in any soil medium but only the solution. There are three different kinds of this solution; static solution culture, continuous flow solution and aeroponics. Medium culture is when the roots of the plant are put into a culture i.e. rockwool culture, sand culture etc. They are then treated with either subirrigation or top irrigation. All of these techniques require a hydroponic reservoir to be built.

Another use of hydroponics is for the cultivation of cannabis. Cannabis is a class B drug that is highly addictive and can cause paranoia in some people. Growers of this drug create grow rooms often in spare bedrooms lofts and they have even been found in airing cupboards. The room is sealed with tin foil to reflect the light around the room upping its efficiency. The bulbs and lights are used all day every day. Often they tap into an extra electric supply so that the electric company do not notice a huge sudden hike in the usage as this is something they do report to the cops as a possible drugs den. The growers also have a separate flowering room where they harvest the “green” which they then dry and move on to the sellers who distribute the drug. Taking drugs in not in anyway clever or smart and will ruin your life. So put those idiots out of business by saying NO.