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Collected Jokes
This is our collection of "clean" jokes that we have found all over the internet.

Amusing tales and audio from the island of Poco Cabesa, inspired by the wit and wisdom of Mark Twain, the music and mirth of Jimmy Buffett, and four days on Antigua with a case of rum and no ice.

James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door
James S. Huggins is a professional speaker, author & technologist. With more than 30 years of experience, he writes and speaks about technology & its social impacts, sprinkled with humor and motivation. ...

The Keepers of Lists
The Keepers of Lists are an ancient and secretive order of monks who who have taken as their calling, the keepng of the lists of all that is funny, both on and off the internet.{;}

Make Fun Of Kris
Devoted to making fun of Kris. Fully interactive and funny. Includes polls and pictures.

Richardsfreeware for all your fun stuff and more
Almost everything you can use as attachment for sending e-mail to your friends.{;} Such as Movies and Flash. Also Pics and funny programs.{;} Even the most funny and beautifull websites in the links page's{;} ...

Pretty tasteful jokes. Get credit for contributing to the site or refercommunity friends; spend it on advertising and/or win prizes.

Nuthouse Magazine
The Web clinic for the humor magazine NuTH0uSE, featucommunity excerpts from our contributing therapists, letters from our outpatients, pronouncements from the administration of our merry institution and ...

Mike's World
A light hearted look at life in general.

bin laden's page on the interweb
i killa all the infidels!

Albino and Mentally Retarded Smurf Foundation
Smurf Parody. Come and adopt your own albino or mentally retarded smurf. Remember, by giving a little, you can help someone who is very little.

The O'Byrne Files Humour page
A collection of what amuses me

Cartoon Gallery
This site is my Cartoon Gallery.Visit and enjoy.

Bradleys Jokes4U
1000's of Jokes4U and Humor for the whole Family!!! be sure to stop by and do some Laughing!!!!hehe

PDNaylor's PAge
This is just a site for my friends...it is still under construction, so it will be better than it is

Randy's Homestead: The Joke Book
Randy's Homestead: The Joke Book has great kid-safe jokes and humor. There are Funny Bumper Stickers, Quotes, Headlines, Signs, as well as Riddles, Tongue Twisters and more! There's a lot of other stuff ...

The Jokersmind
The Jokersmind has 1500+ of the nets best jokes and humor

Fecky's Site
It has a jokes page i don't have many but i'm getting more

Atomical - The Official Australian Steve McGrew Fan Site
Dedicated to one of the funniest men America has produced - the Atomic Comic, Steve McGrew

We put the ish in the holy. We email retarded people and post their replies. Very humourous, but some what contorversial... hehe.

Rick's 'ritings
Whimsical short stories: outer space spoof; dog that writes; unique sports item, life safety warning, eerie attic, my biography and several other things.{;}

Abiator's Weird Stuff
Weird things for kids to enjoy. Stuff to make you laugh, smile, grin... maybe grimace.

funny pictures and descriptions
New webpage bare with me... It\'s about funny pictures and humerous descriptions. Going to have cartoon humor as well as jokes.

The Good, Clean Funnies List
GCFL is a web page and mailing list for distributing one GOOD, CLEAN joke a day, five days a week, for free! We hope you will enjoy a joke in the morning before the start of your day that you will love ...

Rag Humor Ministry
Rag Ministry, Reverend Arnie Gatton (RAG), is a site with Christian cartoons, humor, and flash animation. Find out ways to know 'If You Missed God's Will', or ways to keep the Mind pure. These are only ...

Topical cartoon humor with Harold and his friends

All the news that's fit to pimp. A humorous look at today's offbeat news stories.

Do you ever get the feeling that the world is getting sillier by the minute? Some of it is really serious and disconcerting. This is the place for all the other stuff that is just plain SILLY.

Living the Life of Holly
Holly Winter is a columnist who has become known for sprinkling humor through her extraordinary life which continues to astound her many thousands of fans. Whether she is giving advice to the new mayor ...

Jerry Kahn: Bordecommunity on the Ridiculous
Comedy Website of Jerry Kahn, a Steven Wright style, one-liner, stand-up comedian based in New York City.

biskitz4cheez - a medley of amusement
A medley of amusement - it has nothing to with biscuits and it has nothing to do with cheese! Original humorous songlets with mp3 downloads (Missin' my Kissin', Boil-in-the-Bag Blues), original spoof advertisements ...

Island Jokes
OK, so we all heared the one about the sailor and the parot on the remote island... but there is more. After all, Greenland is an Island (and it is not green at all), and England...Australia, Japan etc. ...

The Tony Knuckles Memorial
The Tony Knuckles Memorial created in advance because I ain't got no freaking friends. A site devoted to everything about Stand Up Comedian Tony Knuckles.

Fly Index
Fly Index - Links to funny images, video, animation, audio, and games.

Liam's Weekly Humor Column
When my favorite humor columnist announced an indefinite hiatus last year, I found I could only alleviate the pain by writing my own weakly column. Now, many months later, I think I have come to be his ...

Pun Krock
Dedicated to the visual deconstruction of the English language (i.e. for groan-ups only)

We create and manufacture funny t-shirts and humorous gag gifts. Our 400+ shirts are filled with jokes, humorous lyrics, designs, and one-liners. We also have dozens of gag gift pill and spray bottles ...

Free online humorous romance adventure thriller novel
Successful product of the dot com bust, timid geek barman Barry's life was light hearted, full of humor, jokes and fun. Jennifer was with an older man when, immediately smitten and against his super hero ...

Ossett Town's Craig Boardman dragging, kicking and screaming ( With his boots) into the 21 st century and beyond " It Maybe Boardie ,,, But It's Life ".........Lord Byron

Twisted News
Twisted News - Best UK Spoof News Site for; News, Views, Reviews and Critique. Crazy, Mad and Mental stories being updated regularly by a dedicated team of Nutters! We cover: Headliners, Health, Letters ...

Flash Universe
Best Spoof Galactic News Site - Get the best spoof news, reviews, critique and commentary anywhere! Stories regarding;niverses, Galaxies, Planetary Systems, Planets, Stars, Comets, Meteors, Aliens, Earth ...

Bright 'N' Perri
Bright 'N' Perri are a two-man satirical garage band who invoke a limitless variety of musical styles and lyrical topics designed to induce the exalted state of Transcendental Aggravation.

Our Sign Page
Seen along the road... We laughed, and you will too!

Whitterer on Autism
A wry look from a foreigner [translation = alien] on the American way of life. Oh, and a couple of autistic children in tow too. Cheers

Alien in a Foreign Field
A wry look at the American way of life from a foreigner's perspective. [translation = viewpoint] A tease [translation = not a dig]

Sandra's Playground
fun site including cartoons,jokes,puzzels,games,videos,interactive,suit all ages

Meaning of Names
Features funny and humorous meanings of names including, puns, jokes and wordplay.

Humor Collection
Your humor collection for office humor,humor video,humor picture,humor joke,humor article,political humor and all related to humor.

Do you rely on Planet Fruit Bat for all your information? Are you sick of badgers and mangoes? Do you laugh at the word 'wang'? Perhaps your ninja skills lack real ultimate power. Does your ...